Why Yoshi

Hi Fellas...
I want to know why You guys like Yoshi...or any other character as a matter of fact ? and Which Move of His is your Fav one ? Looks and Useful Moves...

erm... yoshi is funny. the things he does and all the different outfits he wears and all the different looks
like in tekken DR, where he is a bright blue zombie thing (lol)
and in tekken 5 he looks like a predator (from alein vs predator film)
and look at him in soul calibur!!!!
yoshi changed so much and i think he,s great
i dnt really have a fave move for him. i use all sorts!! lol
steve fox is my other fav male charactor. i love his voice ^-^
and i also like: nina,lili,anna,asuka,dragunov,king and ling (i cnt spell her other name right)

I saw him as a funny character in tekken (and also the fact that having the only character with a sword)...

The thing that really made me use yoshi and know his moves is his f,F+1+4... no kidding... I have known yoshi's d+1+4 harakiri before but find it hard to pull off, and seeing this as an advancing move made me think "wow, it's sure is awesome having to pull this one off by surprise in an actual match"...

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In T3 I played Yoshi since I thought that his sword can seriously damage other opponents and since he was the only one with a sword. My fave moves for Yoshi are f+3+4 and the suicide f,F+1+4... the suicide saved me lots of times
(can't even count it already). Imagine... your opponent has 1/2 of his life while you have 1/4...your hands are trembling...then he thinks he can beat you and suddenly... BOOM!
Even I get surprised sometimes... haha!

I like him because he's a thief. hehe. Nah, He's just cool looking that's all.

Wow So many of u like Suicide...Harakiri...I Love that Move..
I also Like His Ninja Blade Rush in T3....

I fort this thred was about how he looks. hehhe. So I should say, I tooo love hissuicide attacks, especially the one when he spins around it's devastating when you get them against a wall.

:love Well this may sound silly but i love him and i like him cos he is soooooo gorgeus for a caracter if he was real i would defintly become his other half he is just sooooooo cute. My favorite move is the manji dragonfly that is such a cool move and the manji punch hehehe now that is funny. I also like to use the sword specially to stab it makes such a funny sound when it hits the other caracter hehehehehehe.

My favorite gear he wears is his tekken 5 amour he looks sooooo sexy in that one i think:love (Panting to herself gorping at Yoshimitsu in amour.

:):)Guys I think All Character in Tekken 5 are well balanced.....But whats makes you choose yoshi ........

I have been a Yoshimitsu player since the days of Tekken 2. Back then, I was still pretty young and he really appealed to me. I thought he was easily the coolest looking character in Tekken, and I still do actually. His looks and his sword made him so unique that I had no other choice but to use him. Now, I?ve just been a Yoshimitsu user for so long that I can?t really see myself changing.

He?s also very fun to play as in Tekken 5, so that contributes to why he?s my favorite character in that game.

If I remember nothing else from the old Tekken 3 commercials (apart from thinking they had something to do with Tetris), I remember this phrase: "Yoshimitsu's sword tricks are dazzling!"



Because he looks and acts awesome and is very fun to use.

It's also nice to be 'different' from most of the other 'standard-ish' character types in Tekken.

I also like Panda, because she's fun to play and is once again quite different.

Why Yoshi... hmm...

Despite the fact that Bryan's my "main character", I play Yoshi very much, also. He's unpredictable, fast like a greased lighting and when his timing is on the spot, he's impossible to hit. I also like his personality; one moment he may be a little timid and embarrased (after losing a fight with Raven), but he can also be the kind of "Oi! I'mma kick your @$$ into the next week!". Cute.

greenyoshi : Because he looks and acts awesome and is very fun to use.

It's also nice to be 'different' from most of the other 'standard-ish' character types in Tekken.

I also like Panda, because she's fun to play and is once again quite different.

and funny when she wins and does the bear dance.

anyway yoshi, because he is a honest person and looks after his clan.
also raven, because i like to be a spy one day.:blush i know never going to happen.

I love yoshi for being yoshi. He isnt scared of dressing like a clown and being himself. He's an inspiration to all us strange and weird people who dont fit in with the norm. Im normal though.