RIP Steve Irwin :(

Steve Irwin, aka the 'Crocodile Hunter', aged 44, has died in a most unfortunate accident.

Impaled by the poison barb of a stingray while shooting a documentary, this seemingly immortal Aussie icon will be missed dearly.

Thus, I dedicate this thread to the invincible and courageous spirit that is, the Crocodile Hunter.

I hope that he will be remembered as an Australian Icon for many years to come.
Many sympathies to his family, I hope they can recover from this tragic incident.

I was horrified when I heard this...

I guess i didn't know ho much he meant to me until he left us tragically.

I give my condolences to his family who must be devistated, there lives, unfortunately will never be the same. But, atleast he died with honour and doing the thing that drove him to be the man the we loved and will always love...

Rest In Peace Steevo, see you on the othr side.

poor dude. =(

Must be aussies. hehe. Yeah, but seriously, how sad.:|

we should harpoon that stingray in Steve's name :(

Thats not fair I think, why would you kill a stingray for huh? It appears we're the ones who happen to be invading their space. Motion denied!

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