Kunimitsu - Vengeance Galore in Tekken 6

This topic's about Kunimitsu (obviously).

Let's concider why the title of it is what it is. Kunimitsu has been gone for 22 years in the Tekken storyline. She's always been one of the quieter, more mysterious characters, even more mysterious than Yoshimitsu, since almost nothing is known about her outside of her deep respect for her grandpa and love of fixing airconditioners (isn't that odd?).

Two months after Tekken 4, which I'm sure she was aware of, she was probably struck by the news of the Manjito being destroyed by one single man - Bryan Fury. Concider the following:

Kunimitsu, a woman who probably left the Manjito at peace due to the strong leader they pocess, could rest asured that the team was in good hands, and no longer having the desire to steal the position of leader. And now, one single man, a man that holds no meaning, honor, or significanse to her, managed to take down what she couldn't and proves to be a worse adversary to Yoshimitsu even than her? If that isn't a slap in the face and a spit on her pride, I don't know what is!

Personally, I'm willing to bet that in Tekken 6, she'll be back and looking for nothing but sheer vengeance of the man who couldn't defend his honor like he once could - Yoshimitsu. And simple joy kill on Bryan Fury in order to make Yoshimitsu ashamed.

And I wouldn't be surprised if she fought for leadership on the Manjito Clan again.

So any thoughts on this?


Indeed, if she were ever brought back, it would most likely be about vengeance. Here's my own creation of her next storyline:
After disappearing from the scene following the second tournament, she became completely obsessed with getting revenge on the Manji Clan that she began her own clan/organisation, one that would ultimately rival the Manji.
One day she met a young lad training vigorously in his home - an African American kid (yeah, from Bruce's ending) - and decided to put his enthusiasm of martial arts to good use. He was kidnapped, brainwashed, and carved into a ninja worthy of challenging the Manji; he would become who we now know as... Raven.
And so on.

An interesting way to bring back an oldie and tie in the three ninjas to a unique storyline.

EDIT: You have some great pics on your deviantArt account btw. :)

I'll fall of me chair if Kuni returns (too good thing to happen :()

I'll fall of me chair if Bryan wins Yoshi (too bad thing to happen :cry)

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Maybe Kuni tried to teleport and failed: she just teleported to the future. That simple, pals!

BigChief: Thank you very much about the Deviant Art gallery comment.:) Much appreciated.

As for the Raven idea, I personally like that a lot. And besides, we're never even told what the organization he works for is. And when he met Yoshimitsu, he seemed like he allready held a sort of disregard, point of disrespect toward him.

Kogamitsu: I'm personally quite sure that Kunimitsu will indeed be returning. Apparently not only is the American Tekken society on a bit of an uproar regarding the ignorance of a very much well respected, and even growing appreciation of the character Kunimitsu, but in Japan she's been getting quite a following as well. And besides, if you recall originally when tekken-official.jp opened up, in the gallery section there were at least three Kunimitsu sketches with different outfits. I cannot, however think of a reason as to why they didn't bring her in Tekken 5, or Dark Ressurection. C'est la Vie, I suppose.

Jake: ....interesting reasoning. :)


Well, thread resurrection time! Being one of the resident Kuni fanatics, I felt the need to add my two cents to this. I am glad to see I am not part of a minority around here. I?d definitely be upset if I didn?t see her back in Tekken 6. Now that they have revived Armor King and revamped his moves, it would almost be insulting if Kunimitsu didn?t get the same treatment. I think her rising number of fans has to do with people growing impatient from her lack of respect. I feel the character has a lot of untapped potential, both story and gameplay wise. Yoshimitsu needs his mysterious rival back, especially now that his clan is destroyed. The time is just right for a return; we?ll just have to see where Namco goes with it. Some lame ass Kunimitsu customizations for Yoshi won?t cut it either.

Anyway, here is the Kuni story I wrote for a fantasy Tekken 6 storyline on another site:

Kunimitsu. The rebellious ninja.

Kunimitsu entered the King of Iron Fist Tournament 2 in hopes of defeating her former master and taking control of the Manji clan. Her plan was to take the powerful Yoshimitsu sword and keep it for herself. However, things did not go her way.

Overconfidence was the ninja?s greatest weakness, causing her to fall at the hands of Yoshimitsu. Her wounds were severe, and things did not look well for her survival. Yoshimitsu placed her into a cryo state until he could figure out what should be done with her.

Over 20 years past before she was violently awakened by an explosion. Once she came to her senses, she found herself alone in the shattered remains of the Manji base. Gathering her personal items, she ran off into the night, leaving the base behind her.

Kunimitsu tracked down Yoshimitsu and followed him to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. There, she witnessed the battle between him and the cyborg. When the cyborg left, she moved in to finish off what was left of Yoshimitsu. Once she got to him, however, she realized that there would be no point to killing a wounded man.

After carrying her former master back to his home, she headed off to hone her skills for the next tournament. After months of intense training, Kunimitsu sent out two invitations to the King of Iron Fist Tournament 6. One was for Yoshimitsu, and the other was for the man who defeated him. She would humiliate Yoshimitsu this time and gain her long awaited revenge. She also planned to kill the man who destroyed what was rightfully hers, the Manji Clan. Both of them would pay dearly.

intresting story,

but i just don't see why kuni and yoshi just team up, you know master and student.

i mean two forces are better then one and once they finish off bryan

the two can bettle it out for leadership of the manji clan, but they need to make a new clan first before they do that because they are the only two members left and they can learn from each other

just what i think

I don't want them to team up against Bryan. To me, that just makes them look weak. If Yoshimitsu is going to defeat Bryan then he needs to do it on his own. I'd rather not see Bryan lose at all seeing as how he's my third favorite character.

Besides that, Tekken needs more male/female rivalries. That?s what made those two interesting to watch. Namco needs to gradually ease them back into trusting one another.

the rivaly battle will be at the end, but think about it how can kunimitsu have a rivly with bryan? if yousimitsu does not get her invovled:con

That's easy to answer, she wants revenge. Kunimitsu as a character is very proud. If she sees Bryan as a threat to Yoshimitsu, she'll stop him because he is her target. Also, Kunimitsu wants control of the Manji Clan. Bryan destroys the clan, what she sees as her clan. I think that's reason enough to be ticked off at him. Yoshimitsu doesn't necessarily have to get her involved if she's been keeping tabs on him.

good points.

anyway i do think namco do need to bring kunimitsu back, i mean look at all the charcters they have brought back from t2

amour king

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