Who is your Favorite Tekken Female Charicter

Unknown is my favorite dudet. Surprise, huh? :D

My younger brother always keeps on playing Asuka since its easy to do combos with her, but my fave female character is none other than Nina... If only I can be as sexy as her wen I grow up... (sigh) (By the way if you were wondering Im a girl! LOL!)

Kunimitsu. Seductive outfit, amazingly cool hair, beautiful weapons, mysterious mask. How much cooler and bone-chilling at the same time can you get?

A close second would be Jun Kazama, then Ling Xiaoyu. Ling's a dorky girl, who would probably be concidered mentally retarded in real life, and Jun was a very respectable, and very overwhelmingly powerful character if she even defeated the undefeated Devil.


Lili is my fave.

But thats if I have to choose a girl.
I think it's pretty ovious who my all time fave is.

ling and lili are my favs.i like all the female charactors... exept christie.... we dnt need two capoera (how do u spell it?) fighters

Sadly i must agree about christie, she is annoying and eddy was better in my opinion. but alas Unknown and Kuni are the Best still .. fast, deadly, and seductive :wink

Since Tekken DR I've been developing a interest in Sergei Dragunov. He's a cold person who seems to show no emotions.
Yoshimitsu stands out as my favorite char, of course.

My top 3:
1. Nina Williams
2. Anna Williams
3. Asuka Kazama

Julia! I've started to like her since we made the Tekken movie. She reminds my friend.

kunimitsu and lilly

the only one's that are worth learning in my opion

My top 3:

3: Asuka...say what you want, she's got a cool style, and more actual character than Jun, if you ask me.

2: Ling...do I really have to say why?

1: Kuni - evil or not, she's the ninja girl, and I like her TTT 3P costume ;)


Ling - Awesome mixup, cool costumes, fun character.

Kuni - Looks awesome, fun and cool moves.

Julia - Because she fights for such a good cause and is also fun to use.

Ling of course!

I think it would be easier to adapt to her tricky style of play then anything else, plus I like her in general.

fastlegs : well say you don't like nina on here pls http://manjikai.com/yts/forums.php?m=posts&p=3546&n=last#bottom.

this is about who is your faourite female charcter not who you dislike out of the female charters.

*rolls eyes*

fastlegs : anyway counting back on topic.......

which of the female chracters would you most likly use if yoshi was taken away from you ( god forbid that happens lol )?

Well to be on topic, I don't really need to answer that one. Plus, if that character is in Tekken 6 then I have to say that Yoshimitsu would no longer me my main.

raven what are you trying to say:con