Who is your Favorite Tekken Female Charicter

Kunimitsu and Christie

Julia--she got a ton better from t4 with all her new attack variations

i would say kazuya, such ease of control and powerful moves with speed and the different areas to attack ranges greatly ie spinning demon to high kick, the 9 hit combo also is a great all area attack enough to stop you from blocking so u can get the vital end 3 moves in to get a nice slab of energy taken away, and just the way he acts "kanashi ni ran na" with an added smirk at the end spot on, i even drew his T5 flames on my old karate trousers, they looked great, how does he play in T5 anyway i havent had the money to get it yet need to pay off for my sword

Female characters...

Manji clan member : Female characters...
Lol :D

xiaoyu and nina..
but yoshi is the best ^_______^


Female characters... well, in TTT Xiaoyu, Anna and Julia, T4 Xiaoyu, Nina, Panda, and T5, Xiaoyu and Nina... overall, Xiaoyu is my favorite and well-controlled character. I love her very much.

I say Jun,Asuka and Xiaoyu...And about Unknown let me just say she is NOT Jun.

How do you know she's not Jun? Hmm, she always starts a fight with Jun fighting style...

Unknown has hazel/bright orange eyes, even after breaking free from her mind control spell the wolf demon has over her. Jun has brown eyes
While they both have neck-length hair, Unknown's hair seems to be a little longer than Jun's.
Unknown has a tattoo on her right arm that is very identical to Jin's tattoo, in which Jin recieved as a mark of his Devil gene. This could suggest that Unknown could be of the Mishima bloodline, although this doesn't seem to be likely. Jun on the other hand was highly physic and featured angelic powers, which would have protected her from any evil trying to overwhealm her.
Unknown and Jun both have fringes, on Unknown's fringe seems to mirror that of Jin Kazama.
(I got this from Wikipedia.com)
and can you tell me where I can put my Jun petition so I can get more signatures for it?

I Like Asuka, Ling, Unknown, Christie

Hhhhmmm .. In Tk, theoretycally I do not play female characters, because women in Tk has got a freak balance .. But somethimes I play: Anna, Asuka, Xiaoyu ..in TTT Kunimitsu (team: yosh&kuni :D) Thats all :D

I most like Julia she has real nice legs ( heheheh :)) but her elbows are more deadly :P.

Julia.. no doubt about that.. but thtas only because she is the only female character i play..