Who is your Favorite Tekken Female Charicter

Yes Yes we all love yoshi 8) but the female charicters of the tekken series are awsome as well. Julia, Kunimitsu, Nina, Anna; and many more, they all play powerful roles in the story line and are good fighters as well. So who is your favorite Female Charicter?

Hmmmmm....... Well, I'll say Julia. My favourite females are Xiaoyu and Julia, but I prefer Julia because she's more interesting to play with, and harder to master.

She has some really deadly attacks, and she is waaaay underrated. That's why I enjoy playing with her so much. :)

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Without any doubt Kunimitsu, just because she used to be Manji and she's a lot more interesting enemy than Bryan. :) There's a proverb in Poland "It's better to have your own enemies nearby than a stranger". :P Hahaha...

I also like Anna. Because she is in Nina's shadow...

Kunimitsu is indeed my favorite female character. Why? To my mind, she's far more dangerous than Bryan, more silent than Nina and more serious than Jin. Plus, she's got an arsenal of magnificent moves and what's more, she - as well as Yoshi - requires patience and time to learn. But once learnt, she's deadly.

Ha, take one guess. Besides that, however, I find the other Tekken females to be boring. :| I especially dislike Christie personally.

i love play and looking at julia and nina. they look and fight amazing. i play as julia the most she has sweet grabs and easy combos; plus she has a sweet little uppercut and of specail attacks. DEATH VALLEY DRIVER RULES!! :D

My favorite female charicter is Kunimitsu, she is Fast, cunning, and deadly! But her move list is not the best. I think Unknown is one of the best looking charicters.

I say julia because she is most strongest. she really is tough to master though.

yea she can be tough to master but with a little perservereance (basically keep trying) any charicter can be learned well enough
once you have been able to do a ten string combo and can name every move in it off the top of your head then you are begining to specialise with that charicter
lets use yoshi for example say you want to do a good combo you start with "yoshi uppercut" then go into "stone fist" followed by "door Knocker" and if timed right you can get at least six hits out of it if not more! this lets you understand how to use the combos to the best of your advantage.

dude ur right. with practice u can become an expert with any character especially when they have as much time to play as u dude.GAME FREAK...so do i im just lazy.:blush

I would have to say it's a toss-up between Jun/Asuka and Ling. I guess I will go with...

(Still can't decide)

Kunimitsu! She is easily the best female! She has the best moves 'n' everything!

I like Kuni. Because she relates to Yoshi. But I like Talim from SC2, she has wicked combos.
And she is not as annoying as Xianghua and Xioyu. And Anna and Nina are big whores.

Its either XiaoYu, Asuka or Julia for me...

XiaoYu's moves are very different from every other player's structure of moves. Example: XiaoYu doesn't have a basic uppercut (I think) d/b+2 like other characters.

Asuka/Jun's moves are quite unpredictable because all her moves can string into themselves or other moves which makes it hard to dodge, this probably makes up for their sluggishness.

I thought that Julia would be my second character to play with in T4 and realised that her moves are pretty linear and predictable. Now in T5, she has improve much more... probably the character who has the best improvements from T4 to T5.