Remember the first time you played Tekken?

Wow... I was still 8 or 9 years old then. My brother turned on the PS1 and played Tekken 3, we couldn't figure out what the meaning of "arcade" or "versus" was... I was so stupid back then :p . The very first character I played was Yoshi... and now he's my fave character... imagine that! :D

I saw tekken at a small arcade shop.. I dont know with whom i played first.. but i was around 20 yrs ...and i was definetly facinated by Yoshis Flashy Sword of T3..

I was still at elementary school (it must've been 4th or 5th grade... maybe even earlier) when my friend called me and asked to come over, to "check out this game she found for her brother's PSX." It just so happened to be Tekken 3. I remembered playing Tekken 2 with Nina once on a cruise ship, and loosing to this odd-but-fascinating guy that had a sword. I asked to try the game out, choosing Nina just to play the game through and see who was this guy with a sword. "Yoshimitsu, eh...? I think I'm gonna try him out."

As you might guess, I was pretty n00b with him back then, but in a year I fell into a depression and my mom bought Tekken 3 for me in attempt to cheer me up. One might say that it worked. :)

The rest, as they say, is history.

erm.. i was looking in my local video game retailer store and i brought tekken tag tournament, and since then tekken is my fav fighting game
i have them all exept the very first 1, cos i cnt get hold of it anywhere :(

I saw tekken 2 in an arcade shop once and having played other fighting games (virtua fighters, toshinden, etc), I tried it out too...

My very first character was lei... using only his d+3+4, 3+4, b+1+4 move (as seen on other players), I finished the game in 2 minutes...then I found paul interesting...

when tekken 3 came I liked king because I saw other players doing his multi throws (and learning from them on how to do it :p), i still liked paul but then became fascinated by yoshi (I actually use him once in a while)...

then TTT came...I was able to play this game only once though (and can you believe I finished it up using King/Paul??? Honestly, I can't believe it either...:D)

T4 just passed by in front of me...

Then came T5, saw yoshi's f,F+1+4, and from then he became my fave character...:D

When i was 6 or 7 years old, i played Tekken 3 with my dad and brother.
And when i saw Yoshi, i select him first :)
i was playing Nina, Lei and Xiaoyu, too :)

I was about 4 or 5 when I played my very first tekken game,which was tekken 3

the younger, the more experince, I was about thirteen when I dicovered Tekken 3 use to play Eddy.

but since 5 I now play raven and thanks to a tournament last year I now play Yoshi as well.

Yep, it was probably six or seven years ago when I was at my grandma's house (lol) with my friend. She had a ps2 and Tekken Tag so we decided to play it. He had played soul calibur before and suggested Yoshimitsu. For whatever reason I figured out his special move--the sword stab--and owned everyone with it. It was pretty fun and eventually I got tekken 4 and 5.


very impressive to figue that move out on your first try.

a brief histroy....

1999-2000ish- got my PSX, came with a demo disc- with tekken 3, making it the first ever tekken game i played. i remember that you could only select eddy or xiayou, and you always fought lei....
*7 years later*
2007- got my PS3, and a friend downloaded tekken 5 DR to it... got hooked.

1/2 month after that- found tekken 1 in preowned setion- bought. fully completed with mate. (except for devil costume)

1 motnh after that- bought tekken 2 at car boot, fully completed in 3 days.

2 months after that- bought tekken tag tournemant preowned. fully completed in 3 days.

1/2 month after that- bought tekken 3 and tekken advance together. fully completed both in 12 days.

there we go.

Hmmm, i dont remember how years ago...but many years...
i was in my friend's house and he said me: play by a new game, is Tekken 1, i played with was fantastic!!!:D