Who here is a female tekken player? I am!

*Sharpens her Sword with Yoshimitsu and speaks to him* ''Babe i must do this alone if i'm going to be as good as you my sweety''

"Yay - chick-fight!" - *Finds his seat, and awaits the upcoming battle with great eager, while he rubs his palms from his excitement*
"Hey! Which one of you ladies are up for bringing me some popcorn, huh!?"

i've finished posting that DTPA thread. *Slaps Yoshi 2 across the face*.

Uh! Can't wait to read it :D

Oh, yes - slap her harder! *Claps my self-fattened hands together* "woohoo!"

off/topic: who deleted my post before the move

on/topic: I'm a girl player and I won't clar and unkowen slapping no one, or you have to deal with me right, spamming over back on subject please.

I am :)

New blood, huh? - Welcome to the yTS, dudet! :D
- Hope you're gonna like it here! :)

Too bad we havent got any female Tekken players in DK! But, then again - we haven't got much players here! :dozingoff

I'm a female Tekken player too! But the real question is...

Who here is a female Tekken player because of Yoshimitsu? :love

I'm not a girl, but I have the same issue.

I'm very spunky, and small for my age, and apparently look like a little girl...:(( I often put up with people at arcades who think I'm going to go down easy just because I look like Lee Chaolan's lovechild... Little do they know not to screw with an angry little child and his Ling and Lili.

Little cute boys can be just as good at tekken, as your scrabbly, scruffy "dudes" that think they own everyone at the game.

yeah I think a few people around here know what damage one 13 year old feng user can do.:D

I'm small for my age as well, everyone says I look like a boy which is why my hair is growing to stop the comments.

I know how it feels to be the black sheep and underestamited. It's not nice