Hi I'm new here!

I am Anger - a Tekken/Soul Calibur fan. I run my own website called Namco Central (link is in my sig). I found out about the site from Aozame32 - I'm her number one stalker you see =P

Well nice to see you too. There must be lot of people who has had a contact to another yoshi fan and then have come in here. I'm a good example.

Woo go Yoshi! HOORAY!

Hey how's it goin'?
Names Marcus. I'm Greek in Australia.

Where you guys from?

Ey whoever loves Yoshi will tell people they know and make this place less like a ghost town...

Well, I'm just fine. I'm not sure if I can do anything about your favour. People will find this site if they're interested in Yoshi.

Yoshi makes me happy in my pants XD

Sorry about that, My name is Shannon but everyone calls me Sha and I'm very pleased to meet you all. Aye, I'm just your regular Yoshi fanatic. I've joined quite a while ago but this is the first time I have had a chance to find to actually have a look around.

Ta ta for now

Hello and Welcome to YOT!!! :)

*Looking at what you wrote* Hehe! I like you a lot already! But don't you go stealing him from me, he's mine! - You can't have him! XDDD

Anyways, judging by the forums you seem to have moved in already! ..Just thought I'd say Hi!

See you around!:p

if anyone is interested i have banners that were made for the YOT i have used them on my other sites and "angershallreign" you are most welcome to use them for your namco site as well

Gosh, everyone here is really friendly ^__^

Thanks guys <3

You sound surprised! Come on... our Yoshi deserves only the best. That includes fine quality fans!!!!

the Yot is like a family ... you have the supportive members like parents and older siblings and the bratty childish members like little bro's or sis' its a great place indeed