Yoshi: One of the three worst characters? Say it ain't so!

It's easy for me to develop bad offensive habits after extended CPU play...It's too easy to get lazy because the computer is brainless and never learns or catches on. But if I were to go play in a tournament with the vs. CPU mindset I would get blown away and made to look like a fool. So I ask you, how do I keep my vs. human skills polished with no human opponents??

hmmm, when im playing Tekken 6 BR, i'll tell myself "OH NO" when i defeated a challenger and doesnt challenge me anymore, since i'll fight CPU opponents AGAIN...

also, I dont think one will learn new strategies and styles if you'll just fight CPU opponents, since, some basic juggles, and, theyre dead...

but, sometimes, I lose on CPU opponents! HAHAHAHA!! :p

sorry yoshimattsu, dunno how to get better if you'll just fight CPU opponents...

(the bad thing is that, after fighting so much CPU opponents, then someone challenges me, sometimes, I still think of my opponent as a CPU, making me loSE(OH NO! :( ) cause sometimes, i try something new when I fight CPU opponents...)

I am a Yoshi player in our place......(the only one) i need some help on my stupid game on the tournament in our place.....i completely collapse on the day of the tournament or i am just too noob on playing yoshi
i want to know what are my mistakes.....i only see one(u/f+3) but i know i have many mistakes on the game....
some help would be great......i do not even know if this is the proper area to post it
here is my video on the game (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC20qnLiSpU&feature=related) totally ****s

Nice video! The main issue I noticed in your strategy is the overuse of the Rising Knee attack, it becomes predictable after about three times...also it is very helpful in T5 to perfect your wall game with Yoshi, that's his big advantage in T5. The sword sweep would also prove lethal in certain situations against skilled players. I also love your use of his Bad Breath technique, it caught him off guard, Yoshi's Spinning Evade works great against a skilled opponent as well...Also, the ability to execute longer juggle strings consistently is always a good thing to master, since the other opponent can't do anything but take damage. Overall, nice work!

you did a pretty good job there... I was amazed on how you timed the bad breath perfectly! thats was awesome...

anyway, you could use the d/f+2 in case you abuse the use of the rising knee... but, using i too much may allow the opponent to see an opening wherein your opponent can attack/juggle...

the juggles you made there are quite good, although some had some flaws, right?


thx guys for the comment......

i nid advises on my game fellow yoshi fanatics :D:D it hurts seeing that video HUh huh huh i wish i do not like yoshi but i really like yoshi a lot and i want to improve my skills

You have a PM from me, nicholess. And welcome to YOT Member's family. :)

i read it and i like it thx a lot

This is the same thing my friends tell me. "Why do you use Yoshimitsu, you know hes one of the crappest guys, right?". But that didn't stop me, its probably not completely true. I was still better than them, anyway.

Sharp : While on a forum I found in teshimitsu's faq on gamefaqs, Tekken Zaibatsu, I found a tier list thread, and everyone's in agreement. Yoshimitsu always shows up a one of the third worst characters, along with armor king and my other favorite: Kuma.

Why do I fall in love only with those that betray me?

You much certainly do.... but I have to say that Tekken system revolves around interruption/countering, and Yoshimitsu has those moves in spades.

Its not the tools, its the technician.


Very well said!!! plus the gaps between these teirs are very very small and only the top 10 percent or so of players would actually be affected by this. The people that can actually play without making more than one or two mistakes in a match, these are the ones who these tier lists matter for. But for the rest of the world,it doesn't matter. The game is incredibly balanced compared to others

Tenshimitsu : Actually, in Tekken 5.0 he's one of the best. In Tekken Dark resurrection he is unnecessarily toned down, which enrages me. But Yoshi is not a character for beginners.

One of my friends started learning Tekken from this character... and that was my mistake. He didn't have time to learn the basics, Yoshimitsu requires much sophistication and devotion, and mastering the physics of the game. He quitted Tekken... he couldn't handle the game and overpowered top tiers. but I hope he'll return.

If you have any doubts how Yoshimitsu should be played, please take a look at match movies gathered in our match movies Section (in "Media" folder). Not all of his moves can be used instantly. They're either slow or punishable, or have one or more flaws that can be easily anticipated (easy to ss, backdash, etc.).

There are moves that must be used on purpose: for offensive, countering, or evading... it's the matter of knowing which moves should be used where and when. You won't use 1+4 as a direct attack simply because it's not meant for it. The same for u+3+4, or b+3+4.... pretty obvious.

You have to keep all of his moves in your memory and use them when the time comes. You see somebody charging in? u+3+4 will evade most of his moves! and so on, and so on.

Yoshimitsu pretty much forces us to use traps and setups to raise his efficiency. This is another skill factor. He doesn't require manual skills, but thinking and analysing. This is a good thing. He is unique due to adding the unblockable moves to his arsenal. And this is area at which he exceedes other characters, which are pretty "standard".

Some players play very defensively, and this is the core of efficient Tekken gaming. They back off, are experts in breaking throws, they never attack first, they see low sweeps over 15 frames of execution. They can't be beaten easily!.... by standard characters. Because, what can you do to them if they play in such a way, backdashing and punishing your moves, blocking lows and juggling for a half of a lifebar...?

Yoshimitsu is completely another story. Most of players will be COMPLETELY broken by Yoshimitsu if they aren't experienced versus him. He forces them to think into other way. They're not that safe, backing off... they can't count on "duck and block" reaction, if Yoshi ducks in front of them, since he has UNBLOCKABLE sweep. (many people tell me "I still want to block it!"... this is the power of habits...) They can't just wait since Yoshi can quickly regain energy, and so they're forced to attack. and if we add Yoshimitsu's supreme skills in evading and countering...

But this is not that happy-puppy situation for Yoshi, anyway. He has supreme arsenal, but to use it just in time is another story. Besides, his moves aren't that powerful as other character's simple techniques. One milimeter of sidestep and Yoshi can miss...
Yoshimitsu player must be focused to the maximum and always be one step ahead. He must predict more than others and even plan a whole strategy a few rounds ahead... this is skill. He can't just throw random moves (maybe except some... Yoshi must have something to attack anyway ;))...

And that's why Yoshi is for experts. He doesn't "Play himself" like e.g. Feng Wei (Which I played lastly... and with learned skills from ages of Yoshimitsu-playing, I was able to beat nearly anyone... o_O he's soooo easy to use! I was nearly not needed for him to finish his opponent!!! So no-brainer...).

So... be awared of these facts if you plan to devote long hours in mastering Yoshimitsu. You better pick another character, easy to use (Lili? Feng Wei? Wang? Ganryu?).... it will be a nice idea.

Do you have any questions? :)

GodDamn!! If I had any questions, I would basically be that Egg on the Frying Pan (C'mon, remember those 80's Drug PSAs??)

That was well.... said. Or Typed. Thought?? I certainly like the style you play as (As this little article of yours definitely says). I think thats why I always loved using him so much: Interruption/Countering by allowing your opponent to throw the first strike. Positioning is very important here as Yoshi has a High Priority on all of his moves. But that Priority comes at a price with horrible wind-up times. I think the Knee Cap (T,T+4) is his best countering move. The rest come by assosciation of situation.

Come to think of it, its actually hard to explain. Only us experienced Yoshi players will nod and go "uh-huh."

Goddamnit!! Is it the 28th yet?? Tekken 5 on the PSP is keeping me going. Practicing on Ultra Hard will keep me on my toes....