Gather here all things, significant and insignificant, something that you just want to share with us. :)

There's one thing I want to write here before I go to sleep... (tho' I must admit I'm not entirely sober at the moment, but not drunk either. :blush)

I noted just a few minutes ago, I play Tekken a lot better with my head full of absinthe. It's true, I tell you, when I was sober I couldn't defeat the bot if I was facing a Warlord or someone in a higher rank in the T5 arcade. I got a tumbler of absinthe - I got absinthe for my birthday, so it's legal now :) - and I've almost drunk it, and I just defeated three warlords and five Tekken Lords in a row, with Yoshi, whom I haven't used in a loooong time.

I also got a driver's license... now I have to let go of my bike... *sob* :(

Isn't absinthe the stuff with some sorta neuro-toxin in it? The Green Fairy, I think it was called. Wayta get a hold of that, it's probably illegal in my country. :satisfied

There's only one brand of absinthe that's sold in Finland, called "Pere Kermann's", and it very low on thujone which is rumored to cause epilepsy and renal failure, in extremely large doses. The Green Fairy name has come from the drink's color, and sometimes because this "La F?e Verte" inspired many artists in their work.

Unfortunately, I don't like absinthe enough to drink it every time I play. I think it could be therefore listed as a doping, wouldn't you agree? :D I'll just stick with the lemonade I bought yesterday.

Yup, I also heard that absinth is dangerous to health... It's definitely illegal in my country. :) I have heard my friends planning a trip abroad and getting it through the border. :)

Tenshimitsu : Yup, I also heard that absinth is dangerous to health...
I protest :)
Okay, well... alcohol itself is dangerous to health, I admit it. And absinthe is definitely not from the healthiest end of herbal boozes, but again I say, it's dangerous only in large quantities. Luckily, it's also so high in voltage that 1) it needs to be heavily diluted with water (we're talking about 3:1 to 5:1) and 2) It's taste is so strong it can't be devoured just-like-that. Every now and then a glassful of absinthe is okay. :)

Besides, after watching the absinthe-scene from the Moulin Rouge, I got a wondrous idea to my comic... just wait and see, maybe you'll spot a green fairy! :D

Well just for some more information about absinthe stuff :)

A perennial aromatic European herb (Artemisia absinthium), naturalized in eastern North America and having pinnatifid, silvery silky leaves and numerous nodding flower heads. Also called common wormwood.

A green liqueur having a bitter anise or licorice flavor and a high alcohol content, prepared from absinthe and other herbs. Production of absinthe is now prohibited in many countries because of its toxicity.

So, is this the thread of absinthe or what? :p

Oddities... Oddities... I'm a major Leon Scott Kennedy fan and I've never played Biohazard 4 ever. Not even once. I'd say that's kind of odd.

Aozame32 : I'm a major Leon Scott Kennedy fan and I've never played Biohazard 4 ever.
I'm a big fan of Nemesis (RE3 and RE2: Apocalypse), yet I fight him every time I can. :p
*STARS!* :love

...I still think that you would be great Jill. But here's something I wanted to share with you: I won my friend in badminton for my first time! (and some day Koga in tekken too, heh heh)

Jake :(and some day Koga in tekken too, heh heh)
You are most welcome to try.
And I still say I look more like Nemesis than Jill.

Ok, but to the bad news: I didn't pass my driving test; it's kinda easier tell it this way. But if someone fails, it's important that you'll continue living your life. One may became depressed and furious, but you can get rid of it.

Well my oddity is i'm soooo in love with Yoshimitsu i sooooo wish he was real so i could have him all to myself and give him a good seeing to in bed hehe.

Also i'd sooooo love to kiss those sexy lips of his(yes i have seen them) and hug him in bed in the winter we would keep each other warm in that chilly cold hehehehee.

excuse ze mwua. he is mine! lol.

heh heh heh i DON'T THINK SOOOOOOOO he is my fella LOL:love

I don't see a ring. hehe.