Kunimitzu ?

Tenshimitsu :
And... let's put it straight: there are LOTS (90%?) of male Tekken players and they love... big blue eyes...

Wait... You can't see kunimitsu's eyes... :wink

Sharp : I do not understand what you said.

Do you want only T5 Yoshi extra costume?

Ah. Well, I like the T5 one, but if they made another one for the arcade, it could be better.

I really just like the thicker sword.

Kuni...Lets see what we can do with this small dagger:P

Dagger is small, but it is bad!!

perhaps a extra costume for yoshi like eddy gordo maybe?:dontgetit

Kogamitsu : I doubt they're gonna bring her back... there's no room for third ninja in Tekken, I tell you that.

Oh, I know! Let's kick Raven out and hope he'll be replaced by Kunimitsu! (Of course, there's nothing self-serving in that scenario... :D)

I think a storyline with 3 ninjas would be a bit good actrully, oh well it won't be for tekken 6 unless Kuni is going to be a compleate third costume for Yoshi