Italy Champion Of World!!!!

Hi all! my italy is the new champion of World!
this victory is fantastic!!! im sorry for french but zidane was a very idiot!!maybe with zidane the french ....... but maybe!!!
For now and for next four years we are the champions!!! =D

Well, Zidane surely deserved the red card he got and the behaviour wasn't in the sport spirit, but after I read what Materazzi said about Zidane's ill mother and his sister, I can say I understand him.

He is not an idiot, just a human being, and he couldn't ignore those insults for the third time. Of course things could be solved in a better way but I don't think a person can react in the best way possible in such extreme conditions.

Besides that, I have to say that Italy played good and they have a really strong team. The fact they have 10 goalscorers says it all. Congratulations to Italy for their victory.

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Big Congrats to Italy. :)

I ain't much of a soccer/futbol fan but it was great to see our Aussie Socceroos doing so well after so many years. At least now we can say we lost to the winners! :D

Cheers for another great World Cup,

As for Zidane, see this:



BTW. I somewhat knew Italy would win. :) I could make a bet... :D

Tenshimitsu : As for Zidane, see this:


I've seen that already :D It's hillarious! :D

Fantastic zidane game!!:D

However against bad words Zidane don't reply with a head shot!!A champion can't make this...

Go Italy!!:wink