The "^", "<" and "V" game

^ is very fun to talk with, and is real cool. :D ^ should also make a blog, because it would be fun, and < knows everybody would like to read it. ;)

<'s favourite theme park ride... erm... < is not sure actually, since < doesn't usually go out that much. ^^;; Maybe the time that < rode an elephant could count? (on another note, ivory elephant statues, even little ones, are considereed good luck in India; or so < has remembered reading in Secret Garden)

How does V go about to cheer up V's friends? :O

Ah that's a big secret. shhhh.. hehe :)

It all depends on what kind of cheering up a person needs. - To know a person well as an individual and to know what they like most. :)

^ is also cool and very clever! < was intrigued when < read ^'s introduction. < is also glad ^ liked <'s blog. :D < thinks ^ should make a blog some time. :)

Does V have any great or unusual talents????

^ must be one of the most active YOT members at the moment. Thumbs up!

< Doesn't have talents, really, unless cold, steel nerves count. < is a messenger again, and < drives a van with sometimes less-than-calm chemicals loaded in... one wrong move, and < is a flying dinner for pigeons and seagulls :D

So < finally got a summer job. Does V have any job for the summer, or what kind of jobs V has been doing, if any?

OMG ^'s job sounds scary!!! But cool that ^ is qualified to drive a van < can't even drive a bumper car at amusement parks. But < CAN ride a horse and a skateboard (not at the same time though, that's just downright crazy)!!

< does have a job for the summer but < always has a job (support worker for people with disabilities). <'s job is so much cooler in the summer though because < get's to go to the beach, swimming, picnics in the countryside, air shows and all kinds of fun stuff (winter is all cinema, pool and bowling).

Other job's < has done:

- Volunteer stable-hand (looking after horses)
- Volunteer farm-worker (in a city farm, so the animals were basically pets -hardly real farm work at all)
- Waitress
- Animal keeper in a public aquarium
- Factory worker making deoderant and stuff
- Cat-keeper in an animal shelter
- Teacher of English in Japan
- Medium, tarot reader and witches' gathering organiser (only when < didn't have a 'real' job)

What irritates v the most? -in other people or in the world in general (or both)...

Hmm this will hit a nerve. :p

< knows in some parts of the world, this rule does not apply.

In London, getting on a train or a bus is like 'Survival of the fittest'. Whereas outside the capital, everybody queues and follows the rule of 'First come first served'.

< hates queue-jumpers.. Grr honestly.. It is low.. And s**ts on what we call a civilised society. < takes it personally when someone pushes in front of <. Just because < wasn't looking or < is a short timid looking female, doesn't mean < wont bite. (Particularly woman) < will try and sneak back in front of them, and if that can't be done < will complain, or just fantasise about breaking their legs. :)

< doesn't like self-mockery either.

What does V really like in people or the world?

< likes a lotta thongs...eeehhhh, things on ppl....IN ppl, I meant in ppl -.- geez...
Like, humour, confidence, eyes, full, red lips XD, nice breasts, creativity....ehh....flexibility....long dark hair uuhhhh!! XD
< likes about the world......uhm, the internet! Best invention EVER! :D
Also funny African tribes which bend parts of their body like lips, ears, penises, necks, penises, feet and penises. This!! watch ;)

Wow, I´m kinda odd tonight ^^
< is gonna conquer the world
< is gonna rule the world
< is gonna bring world peace to the world
< will get his own awesome show on TV
< will have LOADS of crazy, hot, horny female fans who´ll wait in km-long queues in front of my tour van just autograph XD
< will one day be nominated in at least 5 categories for an Oscar...
< will win ALL of them
< will live in the most kickass, spoiled, luxus-mansion the world has ever seen...on MTV cribs...
< will set out in his most advanced spaceship to find new lifeforms and planets..
< will return to earth as hero, bringing along all his keewl (imagine Cartman saying cool) alien friends who happen to make our life on earth even greater with their knowledge and advanced technology
< will never lose a match in Tekken again

right, did I win this game? o.O
V, tell me!

well ^, < not yet sure if you really won the game...

its better ^ that this game would be undending... right ^(2x) and ^(3x)!!! :yes

hehe, so, < really wants to know from V on what V will do if his best friend's gf/bf thought that V is the new bf/gf of V's best friend...

I WANNA KNOW IT V!!! haha...

Wait.. < is kinda confused by ^'s question? So if <'s best friend's boyfriend, thought that < was <'s best friend's girlfriend?? Is that right?? Well what if <'s best friend IS <'s boyfriend?? what then?? Then < would think that < was <'s boyfriend's girlfriend and this is true!!! hehehe

Though < has two best friends so in the case of the other friend < would say 'Oi, Yoshimattsu, what are you talking about?? You know I'm not Sumsamurai's type!!'

So what did ^'s question and <'s answer do to v's brain while reading them???

uhhh... < cant understand how ^ answered the question of <...

what i meant is that if my bestfriend's gf (i just made this bf/gf since some of you out there are girls, so V thought of having this question as if the reader or ^ would have this problem, got it?) became so close with me that < bestfriend thought that the gf of <'s best friend that she is <'s new gf... got it ^?

haha... this is kinda confusing... ^^

well, it made <'s mind a bit confused, especially with the symbols "<" "V" and "^", but makes this very exciting and fun!!!

well, what would ^ think of my correction? and what are the 5 things that V has in his/her place which he/she can grab (without lying)... :D

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plate, cd, artbook, mp3 and melodeon. :)

< was also very confused about ^'s post. < wishes < could absorb ^'s brain so that < could understand. :D

can V play an instrument?

< can play accustic, electric and AIR guitar!! I rock like a mother:)!!!

Anyway, Yoshi8861 made things more confusing than they really are. It seems that his best friend worries that he (Yoshi8861) might have mate poached his girlfriend....

Anyway...I´m about to totally freak out. Exams in....2h 20mins and I jizzed in my pants!?
XD hehehe.....well, not really -.-"

Has V any good tricks or tips how to overcome that stress and fear of exams?

Mate poached.. That's a new term for < :O_o

you should get something to eat and drink. Flick through all your notes and don't worry. Doing the actual exam is easier than waiting for it. ;)

What is the the highlight of v's day?

The highlight of <'s day was surely getting a score of 100% for the first TEFL module (TEFL is a certificate in teaching English as a foreign language and necessary in <'s plan to take over the world, ahem, I mean, <'s plans to move to Germany).

^'s advice about exam stress is way better than <'s advice, which would have been to convince yourself that you are actually a fictional character, act totally insane, walk right past the exam hall and blow all our money in the student bar instead!!! Though this advice is best reserved for the final year when hopefully, you'll be sent to a student counseller who somehow has the power to get certain exams written off so that your final grade wont be affected. Student counsellers have amazing super powers!! < suggests taking on the persona of BFG (the big friendly giant), Sleepy (the dwarf from Snow White) or the Road Runner (so you can run up to people on campus shouting 'meep meep')...

If v could rule the world, what is the first thing v would change??

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^^Has exactly 200 posts. Crazy!
^ < would make all the wars stop
< is very excited that Tekken 6 is coming out for the Xbox 360! Also is excited for the movie.
v has 201 posts now

That was a very cunning way of making < post again!!!

< is between shifts at work. Had an early start and wont finish until 9pm. Thursdays suck!

< feels like dancing. But < thinks dancing in a public library is a bad idea.

Will V dance with < please??? What music does V want us to dance to??