The "^", "<" and "V" game

Why thanks ^ :), < made it with an old program called Unlead photoimpact6.

< knows Lordi, < Just saw some random cheer leaders running past < house. < guess they had enough of shcool. LMAO:D ^ knows what I mean..:p

What's V favourite film?

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^ watching the video with <

< favourite film is Home Alone, Star Wars and back to the Future

what is v looking forward to in 2008 ?

^Has good taste in movies

< Is looking forward to spring break. < is not looking forward to many movies except for maybe Batman because of Heath Ledger.

Does v have any vacations planned this spring?

Thank you ^, some people think my movie choices are wired :blush

< have a trip to Naples planned for April, for the Tekken Tournament down there, but I really need to start saving up my money, me in Leeds every weekend does not help :(

Does V watch any TV Game shows ( < don't mean by the way ) and if so which ones? < watch Crystal Maze, Take your Pick ( yes and no game classic ), Takeshi's Castle and Don't Laugh on Youtube.

< Rarely watches TV game shows. < Is very boring and watches game shows like 'Weakest link' or 'Who wants to be a million air'. Bah!:blush Oh wait! < Likes a show called 'Q.I':yes This has celebritys VS intellectuals who pervert the truth of known facts. Just like :D

< Usually watches whatever is on the tv once it's switched on. Or when < is very bored < tunes into comedy or factual channels 'How it's made' 'Top 100 [blah] or 'futurama' and 'south park':)

What does V do when they're bored?

< is terrified of technology so doesn't watch TV all that much. Actually, < wasn't so scared of technology until < started watching TV and saw 'Braniac, science abuse' and learned that microwaves are brutally dangerous devices that go 'BANG' when you put certain things in them. Now < won?t touch microwaves and is even slightly wary of calculators (anything that can do mathematics that quickly is sinister).

Anyway, just for ^'s benefit < will try to watch Q.I. and see what it's like. < does like South Park (watching it right now actually) and also watches factual stuff but usually things about sharks, dinosaurs or bugs (other animals too but they're the best).

< does not really get bored. < has an imaginary world in her head so spends time there when nothing much is happening over here. But even the imaginary world sometime gets boring. At times when both worlds suck < flips a coin to choose a reality and then does whatever she can to annoy the first person she meets in the world chosen!

What is v's preferred way to die?

What a strange question! oh well, it's going to be answered by a strange person...

< would like to go out with a bang! And to die after eating a McDonalds Happy-meal! It'll make the tabloids and < will be famous!8)

Edit: < Is happy ^ wants to check "Q.I" out. :) If ^ can't find it on tv, Ytube it with quot-marks and ^ will find it. < learns and laughs everytime when watching it.:)

< Doesn't like Brainiac too. Science abuse indeed. They are very wasteful and can't seem to find anything better to do than blow up caravans ect. < thinks about pollution and landfills each time.

What does V want do most in the world?

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Fine then... < will answer ^'s question. If I could wish to achieve anything in this short life, I would love to one day run a spiritual retreat for people who suffer from depression. It would be a place for people who have hit rock-bottom and have lost all hope of ever feeling happy again. They could stay for as long or as short as they need. The retreat would be self-sufficient, growing our own food and the residents could all take it in turns to help in the garden and/or cook. That in itself, knowing others depend upon you, would be part of the healing process. No one would feel under pressure to be happy or get better quickly. Art of all kinds and self expression would be encouraged and people would learn to value themselves, in time.

It's a high goal and maybe an impossible dream, but who knows. If the desire is there anything is possible right?

Also, thank you ^ for educating < about QI, it's SOOOO funny! < loves watching it now.

Okay then, if V had to change their first name, what would it be?

^ has a very extremely beautiful idea for a retreat sanctuary. :)

< would love to change <'s name to... any guesses? Pris! :P

V is looking forward to Tekken 6, no? :)

...sorry for bumping an old thread - but I really like this game, lol. :P

^ has nothing to be sorry about. < Also likes this game and is glad ^ has brought life back to it!

< knows that ^ can ask Tenshimitsu to change ^'s user-name to Pris. :)

What is V's favourite animal and why? LOL

^ has a very neat avator, and has been very kind to me ever since < arrived here, so thankyou. :D

< decided to ask Tenshi-san about changing <'s username. :D And <'s favourite animals are all animals, from birds to horses to fish... :D

What does V love most about Yoshimitsu, and the Manji clan? :D

^ has a very cool name, and ^ loves to talk with Yoshimattsu and <

< is having fun at YOT, and is busy finding wallpapers...

ALSO, < likes yoshimitsu because yoshi is the best and he's a unique character in tekken... and < likes the manji clan coz theyre fast!

What is V's favorite food? and why?

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^ Has a very cool signiture. :)

< is tempted to say 'HAM' but that's not really < favourite food. <'s most favourite dish is spaghetti boloniese. Why? < grandma used to cook it every friday since < was young. 8)

What is V's most cherished and happy memory?

<'s most cherished and hapy memory?? Hmm... < has done so much and enjoyed so many things in life that no one thing stands out above others. But <'s most cherished and happy recent memory was making friends here on YOT, of course ^ being one of them... Cheesy but true.

If V could describe their current mood with a song, what song would that be and why?

<'s mood that could describe my mood this mornight(haha, mornight) would be "SCREAM by Tokio Hotel" cause < wants to scream this mornight!!!! SCREAM!!! hahahaha...

^ made me think since ^ made a cool question... at first, < though for a while at what song can describe <...

^ didnt shout at the shoutbox a while ago... Hope that ^ will shout at the shoutbox...

MY TURN, what is V's fave theme park ride, and why... hahaha... :D