The "^", "<" and "V" game

In < country there never seems to be tournaments. Shocking, < know. It kinda sucks being in a small, remote country on the other side of the world from the rest of <>^v. People who live in fance just need to catch a train to london... < Have to catch a 15 hour + plane form the south pacific.

Does <>^V location make it hard to reach tournaments?

< feel sorry for ^

we do have tournaments here in < country but it dosen't happen alot which is way < always saving < money to go away to <^>V countries to play in the tournaments there, providing < don't have work that weekend of a tournment.

what's the best postion V has come in a tournament, < is at < first tournament got into the seconed round and then < got knocked out:(

^^At one point I'd probably have been able to compete in a Tekken 4 tourney but I haven't kept up with the Tekken 5 moves well enough to try one. Maybe in the future if one is held extremely close to my area and I happen to hear about it.

^What wrestler is that?

<Is in the middle of baseball season

Has V ever used a Yoshimitsu suicide move effectively in a match?

^ that's the world heavyweight champion the Undertaker, who < saw at earls court last night, when smackdown was tapeing their live broadcast of their TV show.

baseball is not < cup of tea, weasterling, football and basketball is me.

< the only thing I have done that's crazy is playing with the trffic lol.

what is the best holiday V has ever had?

^ Playing with traffic is fun! Especially when combining the game, where you have to be fastest at jumping a distance in a bag, and the art of running over a fully trafficed highway! Woohoo!

<'s best holiday? Humm... I'm actually not sure! - not at all... I'm just enjoying life as it is, i guess... For me, everyday is a holiday... hah!

Has V made any significant increase in V's Tekken'ing lately?

^ is lucky if every day is a holiday.

< might say so, that < has had some incease in Tekkening... downwards though. < hasn't been playing anything else than Predator for a while now, and < sucks worse than ever before in Tekken at the moment.

What's V been up to lately? Any new games?

^ need to get back to trainning, 6AM wake up calls for ^:D

< working harder then ever, and just getting ready for UT9 in france and a stupid wedding, < first wedding and < is not wearing a dress.

what was V's first wedding like?

( @Koga Playin' Predator you say? Are you something of a fan? - I'm a big fan myself!)

^ UT! Ah, yes! I used to play this with a former top-20 worldwide... He used to kick my ass so badly! :con
^ A wedding you say? Uh... Reminds < of <'s girlfriend! :dozingoff - well... Enough said! :p

< Has never been to any wedding actually, so < wouldn't know.. Guess <'s first wedding would be <'s own! heh!!

Have V done anything foolish or similar lately? :p

sorry for bringing bad memriories to ^

foolish hey,< think it would be < challenging the UK number 2 at tekken to a first to ten.
< lost 10-0.

what is the wrost tekken experince V has had?

^ - That's alright. Wasn't anything bad, actually. <'s Girl has just, recently been tipping < about marriage. Freaks < abit - especially 'cause < isn't completely against the thought! :blush

^'s participating in turneys and stuff? That's nice! < has never participated in any official tournaments yet - sad but true!!! :O_o

< think that <' worst experience has been <'s experience lately. Starting to learn using a stick decreases <'s gameplay in such a degree < has been lost against a masher-scrub. < refuses to play Yoshi' with stick since he's my one grand pride of Tekken. < refuses to decrease Yoshi' now < has fought so hard, and gained the title as Dk's #1 Yoshi! :blush - soooo <'s training stick with Stevie Wonder'bra and Kasoy-man. But it's friggin hard, and < looks like a total n00b!!! :dozingoff DOWNER!

Does V look forward to the new Tekken(s) from Namco? (T5DR online / T6?)

< feel for ^ even friend of < keeps hinting that < should play stick with < Raven, < cant really play stick.:cry

< looks forward to both games the only thig is that < might have to start playing Yoshi full time if Raven is out of T6.

has V Finished school or college for the Year yet?

^ - < Hear ya. It really sucks when Namco decides to get rid of characters in Tekken. Besides - Who would complain about a larger rooster of characters? :con

Too - If ^ ever finds a good way of controlling ^'s SS-game with stick, let < know. < has huge problems when it comes to Stairstepping, backdash cancelling, and especially SS (the "up" tab). < can do the SS "up", but < has semi-large hands, and plays a Namco stick < bought from <'s friend - and Namco's sticks are so small (about half the height of <'s hand when playing - it completely disappears in <'s palm :p).

< Hasn't finished scool, sorry! <'s just finished his time at the army <- hence the great inactivity the past months! < is happy to be done with that, but sadly < sustained a permanent injury to both of <'s knees, meaning < can't bend <'s knees nor sit on 'em. That sucks a**!

Can V recommend any good movie, game or similar? - explain why! :p

^ must learn that army is full of sercfaices, < hopes ^ gets better soon.

< recocmend going to the cinema and see the simpsons movie in july.

who is V's favorite simpson character and why?

< likes this game:)

< doesn't have a favorite Simpsons character, but < does like Futurama.:yes

What does v like to watch on tv?

^ has a wonderful avatar, did ^ do it ^self? :)

< doesn't watch TV at all, < has always something more worthwhile to do. But every once in a while, < likes to watch Uutisvuoto (Finnish format of "Have I Got News For You") with <'s parents after sauna. Also < does appreciate good movies. They are rather rare nowadays.

< is very looking forward of seeing Dark Floors, the Lordi motion picture. < loves good horror movies, and < is sure DF won't be a disappointment. Mr. Lordi and Pete Riski both know what they're doing.

Does V even know Lordi? < doubts... :con