The "^", "<" and "V" game

^ Is going to have a fun New Years Eve!

< will also probably be getting drunk, but without the going out or the fireworks.

So, what's something that V is looking forward to next year?

^ Have fun

< well the best thing is I can play Tekken all night at waterloo arcade, ok it's only T5.0 but better then waiting for midnight in the cold.

< going to france again for a tekken tournament.

what is V new years resolution. < is to win a Tekken tournament.

< Wants to study harder as well as write more.

< Hopes ^ has fun in France, and of course that ^ wins a Tekken tournament.

What's V's favourite christmas food?

thanks ^

< favourite christmas food roast potatoes.

what is V faourite t.v show at this time of year (past time counts as well)

^, I think it's Prison break, waiting for 24 too.

< try to eat less chocolate and want to go swim -> after I'm vigorous

V, what is your this year's new year promise number 1?

^ new series of 24 coming out some time this month.

for < is to win a tekken tournament.

how does V feel about going back to school or work? < can't wait till thrusday (4/1/07) to go back to college.:love

^^Yeah, didn't enjoy it much.

^Like's school a bit too much

<Should hit up the gym more to work off the holiday food

V Has over 90 posts

^oi, live in my shoes then you see why I like school so much.

< I have a post count of 193 posts

does V have any holidays planned this year

Now that New Year and Christmas has gone by, < don't have any holidays nearby to look forward to. But < filed a leave for tommorow to finish up <'s college requirements.

what's the best present that V has given to someone this past Christmas?

feel sorry for^

< didn't give much execpt for two christmas cards

what is V doing as V writes thier replay message

^ got christmas cards? Lucky ^! :D

< just finished drinking <'s absinthe, now < considers celebrating weekend with <'s friends in the high school party and in the local pub. < has had a rough week, for change...

What is V's favorite bewerage?

^should watch that drinkin' - ^ might just end up at some AA-meeting!

<'s favorite bewerage? - Hmm... < really don't drink that much, to be frankly. But < guess <'s pefeered would be beer - plain simple beer. not any of those fancy drinks with 5 colors, a glow which can light up half a pub and with a tiny little unbrella as the dot over the "I". Just a Ceres Top, thank you!
- Tuborg might do aswell! :)

Next month, < is going to the army and HAS to stay there for 4 months. < is pretty excided actually. :D

What is V's greatest furture plans in this year?

^ is going to army? Cool, < intends to go to the army, too.

< hopes to heck ^ was joking about <'s drinking. < doesn't drink much, anyway. < doesn't want to make an @$$ out of <self. :)

<'s plans for this year is to finish high school with good grades from the final exams. < will be writing Psychology, Maths and English. < also hopes to discuss future with <'s boyfriend.

What is V up to now?

< Guess < was abit overdrastic about ^'s drinking. < is just concerned, thats all. < apologizes deeply if ^ felt offended! :blush

But, heey - ^'s intending to join up aswell. Nice! Army could sure as hell needs some females.

^'s finishing high school soon. Ah, thats nice! And future plans with ^'s BF. Thats nice. < did that too with <'s partner some days ago. But the future is abit clouded what that concerns <'s afraid. Heh!


<'s currently not up to anything particular - just doin' <'s routine of roaming around Forums and such, leaving nonsens-posts as usual.
Later on, < needs to look through some papers concerning the army. They DID promise free Wafles if you joined up. < couldn't resist! :p

In <'s contry, we often promise ourselves better changes before the year changes - such as quit smoking, healthier eating-habits and such.
- If V familiar with this in V's contry - and if "yes", did V promise v'self anything for this year - and, forthermore, how's it working out for V? :)

the way < is feeling at the moment < needs a drink of WKD.

go ^ and show the boys how to do the obstercal course and then make them do 20 press ups for being lazy gits:D

< have the same thing in this country, but everyone in < country breaks it a day later, < have promissed < to win a tekken tournament this year, < is practicing every day that < can.

what is V's next tournament?