The "^", "<" and "V" game

< feels like < is too skinny, but < is tryin to gain size in the form of usefulll muscle like bruce lee.

does V do any martial arts??

< doesn't know any martial arts although <'s grandfather knows karate. However, < would like to study ninjitsu if ever given a chance...:D

What's your greatest fear v, if you have any?

^ Should truly try out ninjitsu. < have a mate on MSN which practice this "Art of the ninja", and he's been telling me lots about it.
<'self have really never been into any serious Martial art training - sad as it is. All though < trained kick-boxing some years ago.

<'s greatest fear? Uhm, < really don't know what to answer. < find's this a troublesome question since <, to be frankly, is not much of a daredevil. < had a former fear of heights some years back, but < conquered it in the end. Before that < almost got dizzy from standing on <'s doormat. How troublesome that was -.-

If V had one wish, and it could be anything V wanted - which should it be?

(Note: Please make both "^", "<" and "V" in V's post. < likes to get a comment along the way :P)

If < had one wish? Hmmmmmm.... < would wish for world peace. lol. AS silly as it sounds, it's true. What has the world come to? It's horrible, the enviroment is being polluted and war is running rampant around the world.

How does ^ feel about war and all the horrific things hapening these days.

On a different note, < would just like to say im am almost level shihan. lol.
How many more posts do V need to get to shihan?

<'s not sure but < guesses it's around 120, ^'s really near that "Promotional Chance", good luck!:D

The war and violence today really is getting serious. Some movies' messages should be enough to awaken <,^,V senses and stop violence.

What's the best place V have seen so far in V's life?

On a side note: Do <,^,V will get special access rights (< noticed there are portions <'s not allowed to visit) when a certain level is reached?

* = <,^,V refers to everyone.:wink

Just like most sites, ^,v,< have to actually work for rights of passage. < think your posts level doesnt give you access to the restricted areas, < think you have to ask for a level up.

Does V you know much about this?

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^, I don't know much about it but you can always count on Tenshi or Kogamitsu, I think... They're the main bosses in here.

< Is a little bit tired, watched Paychek on Monday. And nervous about what is going to do when is big: police or chemist etc. And one more: scared about "student writing"(what the hell was that ******** word) Well, Koga can edit. :P

Koga says: Are you talking about the matriculation examinations? :)

V, which situations you're tired?

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< is tired wen < wakes up, drinks coffee, goes to work, gets home from work and goes to bed.

did ^ enjoy paycheck? < did, it was on a rubbishy DVD player and the sound was out of sync

what is V dream vehicle?

^ that's life

< a 4x4 jeep, just for the wild ride's up in the mountines

what is V biggest acomplishment?

hmmm.. let < me think..
< really can't think of my biggest accomplishment, unless <^>V consider gaining a certificate and diploma an accomplishment. But honestly, < really don't think it's a big deal.

< thought paycheck was a boring movie, ben afflick can't act, lol.

<what does V think of Ban aflick?

^ what did ^ do during school muck around the class room all day:D

< don't know who Ben aflick is:con

what is V doing for the holidays.


got borad decied to bring a topic back from the dead

^ doesn't know Ben Affleck? He's the guy who acted Daredevil. Not that the movie or the actor would have impressed <, though.

< is going to sit on <'s butt through the holidays, speaking with <'s boyfriend. Hopefully < will be sipping some Sake and Absinthe, too... < could use some good time right now. <'s life hasn't been dancing on roses exactly, lately.

What is V's favorite holiday? <'s is Halloween, by the way.

That's exactly what < thought too. How can ^V<> not know who ben afflick is? lol

As for < holiday, it'll be mostly uneventful, apart form christmas. lol < old enough to drink, but < don't take to drinking very well, the last time < drank made < never ever want to drink again. if ^ V < > know what < mean...

Hmmm... < favourite holiday has got to christmas. Not only for the presents :D but just for the big holidays afterwards. < must say, I don't like holloween that much, it's an american thing and it doesn't really fit in with other countries or cultures that well. (i think)

How does V feel about holloween?

< Feels the same as ^ about Halloween, it just dosen't seem to fit here in Aus.

I wonder how V feels about having to walk long distances on boiling hot days...

I would have throught ^s favourite holiday would be Christmas

< hate having to walk on boling days since < got skin that will burn after to long.

what is V plans for new years eve? < plans are to go to london eye watch fireworks and get drunk on WKD.