The "^", "<" and "V" game

A: Yeah, I still haven't gotten rid of our oil problem in America, haven't made the Major Leagues in baseball, and haven't made craploads of money.

^No, it doesn't :p

<Is hoping Tekken 6 doesn't come out on Ps3 because < doesn't want to fork over $600

does V have a job?

Nah, < dont have a job, still a full-time student in tertiary education. And it'll cost a $1000 here in NZ for PS3, So i agree with yoshifan.

Wot does ^ do for a job.

Can V think of something else i to talk about?

< just got a job recently, so < is just saving up for a PS2 because < doesn't have a deep pocket yet for a PS3 console.:(

< will just wait for the hype to settle before moving on to PS3 or if < got enough cash to buy it.

< can't think of a subject as of the moment to talk about... how about v, do v have anything in mind?

^should just do that - postpone the buy of the PS3 - < is counting on doing so <self.

At the current, < has trouble thinking due to a reasonable amount of consumed booze. So < pretty much hopes to be sober for work at 3 am tonight (Currently 8:23 pm atm).

Besides that, < tries to get <'s MSN to work properly. < Hates when computers acts like they have their own will.

Furthermore, < thinks on starting out a new char for Tekken, but < haven't dound which this should be. Further-futhermore, < haven't got <'s PS2 home atm - so < cannot start out a new char - especially not in <'s current booze-condition.
< lacks a life!

Does V have a suggestion for a new fun character for < to try out?

Speaking of fun gaming, < met a fellow tekken player sometime ago who is still a beginner (not a button masher though) and chose yoshi. The game turns out to be a funny one (at least for <).

< remembers that player doing the flea stance and is constantly trying to jump over < to deal some damage. Also, < was able to use f,F+1+4 against him then he tried d+1+4 and killed himself, gave < some laughs. On another round, < and that player took a lot of damage and was just racing to increase both <'s and his lifepoints before the time runs out (unfortunately he has 5pts more:().

After the game, < lost by the way (< hates turtles and short game times), < went to the other side to greet him but he was focused on the next game.

For ^'s question, < thinks that using yoshi can be really fun at times (but that depends on the opponent). But ^ can also try Lei (with his different kung-fu styles) or Roger (he reminds me of king in some strange way)

^ really had a funny game, then. :D

< had to cut <'s fingernails because most of them were cracked due to excessive training in both Tekken and Judo. Now < feels somewhat naked with short fingernails...

Does V have something odd V feels naked/incomplete without?

^Dunno... without clothes, I presume?

< Was in Czech republic and had lot of fun and met new mates.

V So, have you been in abroad or are you planning to do a trip?

Sounds like alot of fun, ^. But no, < haven't. Nor have < any plans on doing any trip - at least not to a foreign contry. But < may soon find a new place - you might call that a sort of a trip.

Today, < had one weird day. < have had this intense feeling of something terrible was about to happen soon. And < still has this feeling. It really freaks < out.

Have V ever felt like this? If "yes", did anything happen?

^ is moving? Kewl! <'s dream is to move to own place ASAP.

< has had that "bad feeling". It was 20.6.2006. < was teaching judo at HLU's sports camp for kids, when < suddenly thought < had seen the Grim Reaper. < was freaked out for the rest of the day. That evening, <'s pet hamster died of old age... :(

< advices people not to put moisturizing cream on one's hands before playing Tekken. < did that today, and now < has to wait until <'s controller is dry again... :blush

Any words of wisdom from V?

That's a word of wisdom in itself, ^..:p

If a word of wisdom is about yoshi, < thinks <'s the one who'll be needing it..:D But in general, <'ll say, "the future unfolds slowly if v're wrapped around yesterday"

Side note to ^: < have been playing T5 in PS2 several times last week (< managed to borrow a console temporarily). And it sure can get nerve-wrecking sometimes (< needs to play a "lighter" game from time to time to cool self down)

^ haven't made a question, so I think I've to continue this game.

< likes Walt Disney movies. Movie which I've seen latest was Chicken Little and I referee it for all of you (you too, Koga :yes ). It has something to say: don't give up, Darth Vader is Luke's father and Spice girl's "Wannabe" is kinda good song.

V, what's your favourite animation?

< favourite animation is, erm either tory story 1 or 2.

how is ^?

does V go to a gym and work out??

To jake: yeah, sorry about that... < didn't realized < haven't posted a question yet on that quite a long post...:wink (< will ensure this post has one)

As for ^'s question, < would like to try to go to the gym and workout to maintain a normal build. <'s job is slowly making < fat.:D < must maintain <'s current build (or < will bloat in no time).

Do v have encountered something interesting for the past couple of days?

^ haha - that "bloat" word there made < drop <'s food in a huge outburst of laughing. (Dries off the screen)
< Once were a fatty - < were like 1,65 metres tall and wighted around 85-90 kilos. < was one chubby kid.
- Now <'s around 1,71 metres and 70 kilos. <'s Ideal weight. Although < would mind a better body build - and perhaps being a bit taller too! ^^

If < has come across something interesting lately? - not really. < don't wanna be a partybreak, but nothing much has happened since < started working at night.
Nothing except a beutiful, black sky once in a while. Most days it's just too cloudy -.-

< Remember one of <'s best experiences. It was this trip back when < went on a folk high school where < went on a trip to this little place called "?bel-?" (Apple-Island directly translated). There was 100% clear sky, and there was billions of stars to look at that night. < almost got high of contemplating such a beautiful sky!
- Today, i think people have forgotten lots of life's goodies. Like the nature - our beautiful earth and all of it wonderful elements. < miss a trip in the wild. heh...

What are V's most important principle in this life?

< like to think that im a life-loving person person life is a bitch sometimes especiall when the weather is miserable. But anyways, < about 1.80 metres tall and way under weight (never go above 70kg). How pathetic. < have my mums genes where < can eat as much as < want and never gain weight. Gym memberships cost too much but i exerxise.

< been trying to find a Gain-Weight programme but < think that the weight-loss industry seems to take up all the room.

How does V feel about their weight, if i may pry.