The "^", "<" and "V" game

Why yes, < is in love, WITH YOSHI'S SEPPUKU MOVE THINGY.
omg so awsome!!!

Does V think Yoshi's Seppuku (suicide) move is awsome?

^ should be careful about this passion to the suicide. < won't recommend ^ trying it at home.

< is a bit cautious about using this move. Often < ends up suiciding nothing but the air left by a SS'ing foe! *sob, sob*

@Koga. < has been suffering from a heartache lately, so < haven't had the time or the lust to post. But, none the less, < is back and fit to fight - or at least get beaten. :D

Have v got some sort of life filosophy, and if yes - which?

^ has suffered of heartache? < is very sorry to hear that. Heartbreak Hotel is not a nice place. :( It's even worse than <'s migraine, since < can always sleep it off. Nevertheless, < is glad to have ^ back. :)

< has fallen for Zen philosophy. In a nutshell, "all's good that comes from the real self". If <'s memory serves <, Yoshi has somewhat same philosophy. Can anyone confirm this? :dontgetit

Sooo.... what's V been up to lately? Any plans for near future?

^ I am already on a long Vacation...
< When will I get T6??????????
v I dont like U ........Just kidding ..

why doesn't ^ like <?

< and ^ even have the same avatar...:D

can you explain why did you choose your username like that, v?

^ has an odd username...

<'s username is a rip-off of <'s original character.

< has played so much Tekken lately < has started to definitely-not-like the game. < is gonna keep a well-deserved break and try out something less nerve-wrecking.

Has V wrecked V's nerves lately?

^, <'s name is really odd. :D < actually got this when < is signing up for a web mail and having < desired usernames taken up already. < tried "i hope this name counts" and was gladly accepted. Since then, the name stuck.

< haven't wrecked <'s nerves lately. Maybe because of <'s very loooooooooooooooong patience and "happy go lucky" attitude.

do v have anything v are saving up for? < is saving up for PC upgrade, PS2 and tekken titles...

^ Might be smart if ^ saved ^'s money for a PS3 instead.

< is actually not saving for anything since < haven't got a job at the moment. Furthermore < got burned off from <'s employer which should have called but didn't. < was not pleased and thinks employer is an ass!

What are V's favorite dish?

^ has similar experience about employers as < does. :(

< loves this particular food <' father makes every now and then; smashed potatoes, fried onion rings and fried "saturday sausage" :con... I wonder what's its equivalent abroad.

< cracked <'s nail while playing Tekken. Now <'s whole finger aches. Ouch!

What's the strangest situation V has cracked V's nail in?

*Blows on ^'s finger* - If ^'s agony should become too immense ^ should cinsider cutting it off!

< really don't recall having <'s nail cracked at any time. But <'s left ring finger once got squashed in a huge door when < was a kid.

< Knows too well of this ache in your fingers from playin' Tekken. After a while playin', <'s finger grew some dead skin on the tip. That made all <'s ache from playin go away.

Does V smoke? - If yes, which brand?

Unfortunately, < doesn't smoke...

<'s fingers usually get sore too after several minutes of playing. That's why < prefers playing in arcades instead.

If ever all tekken games doesn't exist, what would v be playing instead?

^ Should grow dead skin too. Makes one immune to pain - but only outside the game, unfortunetly :(

< Does smoke. A danish brand, and one of the cheapest. But < surely considers quitting this bad habit. < just gets so grumphy when not smoking. >.<

< Don't know how to play arcade at all, actually. We haven't got any arcades in denmark - unfortunetly. So all < has got is <'s Playstation. < is not happy with this -.-

Has V ever tasted microwave-oven heatet hot chocolate with marshmellows? :P

^ should stop smoking. < has smoked too, but < quit smoking almost right away.

< has tasted microwave-heated hot chocolate, but not with marshmellows. Does one just dip the marshmellow into the hot chocolate? :dontgetit

< had one, h*lluva party (in honor of fall break and <'s future trip to Poland) with two of <'s friends. < thinks it wasn't wise to drink absinthe and beer during the same evening... < has no hangover, but <'s head is killing < anyway. < promised <self not to drink for at least a month!

Has V promised Vself something lately?

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^ is so right about the smoking. < really considers quitting.

^ should try it - the marshhellows gets all squishy and sticky - < just loves 'em that way.

< Sure has promised <self something lately - never fall in love again! But < finds that hard to stick to *hahaha*

< Hasn't been drinking for some time now, but < could sure use a drink sooner or later. Forthermore < has never tried this absinthe, or "green fairy" as < recalls. But < would love a taste sometime.

Has V got any dreams or things V would like to fulfill in V's life?

< tried hot chocolate (although not microwave-heated) with marshmallows (added only after the heating process) but < haven't tried including marshmallows in the heating step yet. < will definitely try it out sometime...

< dreams of becoming really good with playing yoshi.:p < even dreams of winning a tourney (local or world-wide) by using him (^ or v can call < a dreamer :wink)...

little steps by little steps, < is slowly progressing on <'s dream... (< sure hopes so)

are there any things that v has been dreaming to fulfill in v's life but hasn't been done yet?