The "^", "<" and "V" game

< love hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy, because its a peaceful movie.
whats the weirdest dream v ever had?

@ jem, my brother is right about the sound part but what you are doing is philosophizing and by doing that you'll never get a real answer. That's also the beauty about philosophy you can never be wrong ^^'
It all depends on what the word "sound" means to you. For a blind man light is NOT light but only waves touching his body even though scientists describe light as rapid waves in the air (with different frequency and what else :p) It all depends on how you look at it.

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whats the weirdest dream v ever had?

< too likes the movie ... Hitch hickers guide to galaxy... Its very cool... Specially the depressive robot marvin.... < just loves it. There used to be a member around with id ihopethisnamecounts.... His display pic was marvin.... Coming to V's question ... < thinks all dreams are weird ...hence might not be able to answer that... What mobile does V use ....?

< can't remember Yoshi's mobile but thinks the network he is on is DoCoMo.
Maybe his mobile is like this one.

What is V wearing right now? (family-friendly answers only please :)) )

Hrm... Black Adidas trousers with white pin stripe. An old South Park tshirt, black and is Approx 12 years old; on it is KENNY (alive), stan, carl and cartman. A Black No Fear skull Joker card hoody. And on my feet are brown gladiator style sandles. :)

Does V like erm.......... mud pie?

Err.. < does not know whats mudpie... Would v explain whats mudpie...

its a pie made of mud usually seen eaten by haitians in haiti in uber poor areas.... very sad site to see.
< luv MARVIN!! ^_^ < loved the part where he was shot in the back of the head and later powered up to save the day!
how old were v when v got v 1st kiss?

When < was a baby from my parents and family =)

lol good answer!!! Romantically, < first kiss was at 13 with a guy called 'Ewan' (that is 'you-an' not Ev-an' btw). < and Ewan climbed onto a sports pavilion roof to share this kiss and < was really nervous and had no idea what she was doing. < STILL has no idea what she is doing to be honest ^^ It is a nice memory though, although sharing the first kiss of others have been even sweeter moments!! These are the memories that will stick forever.

V, describe the room you are currently in, as detailed as you can.

< is in a kitchen... Yes, that's where <'s desk is. In a kitchen. In this 'room' there are the usual kitchen items available. That's as detailed <'s going to get
is v enjoying the weather?

<'s weather is a month or two behind itself... Just starting to get the April showers in may (a slight drizzle) may be full on in June. < noticed global warming 15 years before it was even announced on tv. Less and less snow, unripened conkers.. This year, next to no ladybirds, if any there are now orange! < saw only 2 bumble bees and 1 butterfly this year. < thinks not much is being done to save the world and people are ignoring their problems. 2012 here we come! :D

Now... Does V like politics? ............ LOL Joking!! :P

I bet V is itching to get their hands on TTT2 ;)

< politics is bullcrap specially India being the 2nd most corrupt country in world... ( also leading 2nd place in population) so ^ can imagine how it would be here in India... < shares ^ thoughts about global warning.. < used to see so many birds when < was a kid... Now < has to go to zoo , < does his part in not being a part of that global warning mess... < does not use A/C at what ever heat it may be (in India, tropical country) < never harms plant life willingly ... Not even a twig broken since 7th grade... Does V tried any means to do V 's part in fighting global warning...

Well I dunno, I've always done things to help my environment. I always put out the light when I leave the room, Put off the heat when it's not neccesary, throw my litter in the garbage. I've always done that, has nothing to do with global warming or anything. I just like to have clean neighborhood and low expensives ^^'

v same question as ^

< have answered already... if V had previously life... What would v have been ?