The "^", "<" and "V" game

< Idolizes Sherlock Holmes

Does V know Sherlock holmes ?

does v know bob sapp?

< does not know Bob Sapp.....
Can V care to Search for Bob Sapp and tell < :P

Bob sapp is craig marduk in real life :p
what fighting games do v play besides tekken

SF4, VF, MVC3, BlazBlue and SC
same question, what does v play besides tekken?

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< play halo reach, will v marry me?

Not gay
what do fighting games do V play besides tekken

@ ^ lol < neither, < was hoping it was a female < question wouldve caught.
< play black ops,
tell < a strange fact about v

< wanted to know what FIGHTING game :p
and to answer the question, a strange fact about me is that irrational and illogical things irritate and frustrate me.
< has no question for v, sorry ^^'

< has a left arm that can't stretch properly, due to breaking the arm 5 times

whats V favorite Tekken move

^,^ said 'fighting game', not necessarily 'beat 'em up', so in that case < plays pokémon. Or rather, used to. The only game < plays these days is tekken. BUT don't get < started on pokémon, otherwise she'll be here all night.
Favourite tekken move? Hmm, < couldn't narrow it down, but for someone who is apparently left handed, yoshi has some sweet right kicks!!
So tell me V, if a tree falls and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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ofcourse it makes a sound. A tree that falls creates a wave and the impact of the wave transfers it into a sound.
Sound is a Longitudinal wave and it obviously needs a medium to travel great distances.
Since there is no medium available in outer space, where everything is vacuum, that's the spot sound can't exist (travel/ evolve). So, if a tree that falls, pushed, slammed or whatever in a vacuum place, then no, it doesn't make a sound.
< hopes, < 's scientific explanation was helpful.

so who's the weirdest person v has ever met and what is he like?

< favourite tekken move BURNING FIST !!!

^ forgot to ask a question again. But ^'s brother made a good point, and that is usually <'s answer too. However, if you describe 'sound' as a wave, as light is also a wave, and there is no receptacle to translate that wave into a sound, can it really then be considered a sound? It is surely then just particular movement. No? < loves this question, because scientific minds will always assume they have the answer, because they live in a world where A=B, but often, A only equals B in specific circumstances, and to be truly wise, you need to be able to visualise beyond linear thought.

so then V what is your shoe size?

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Damn, < should have answered Angelboy's question really. Weirdest person < has met, is probably Yoshimtsu. What is he like? Well he is awesome of course, but he really smells like damp towels!!! So, still waiting on the shoe size thing.

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< does not wear shoe... So sorry < couldnt answer .... What is V's fav movie and why....?