The "^", "<" and "V" game

^ Answering yer question. Mazda Rx-7 Spirit-R (99-01 iirc), or of course Godzilla (R34 GTR, preferably in silica breath metallic or dare I say... Top Secret Gold <3 ).

< Currently owns a 1994 Mazda Rx-7 that's been sitting in the garage since November. Putting it up for sale, unfortunately. But it's a funny car that likes to shoot fire under wide-open-throttle with approx 350 wheel hp :P There's a video of a small fireball when revving in neutral floating around youtube (search ARC exhaust FD3S, you might find it)

V amidoinitrite?

Yes, ^ is doing it right!

v, coke or pepsi?

< pepsi, I don't go with the main stream
v sunbathing or gymnastics?

< does not prefer both... But < prefer watching gymnastics ... Does v like kunimitsu ...?

< does not like kunimitsu... < only prefers her moveset and gameplay because she uses the manji fighting style
how does v feel about cannibalism... even if it's for v's pet (zombies are pets too in this case)

<is vegetarian but wouldn't deny her dearest Skippy a nice feast of human brains. So long as < gets to choose the victim. Mwahahahaha!!

< Also doesn't understand why we don't eat our dead. Come ON, it's recycling!!! Maybe because human beings eat so much crap that they'd either taste terrible, or be a health hazard.

If v found a magic lamp and got 3 wishes, what would those 3 wishes be?

^ question is indeed nice... 3 wishes... 1. To grant < heart of Mother Theresa to serve people (or that of Yoshi)... 2. To give brains enough to lead people out of corruption politics etc... 3. To transfer < wish to next needest person in the world... If first two wishes not possible the.... 1. Cure < polio.. 2. < really cant think of another wish.... So what would v do if v gets the only 1 wish....

if < gets the last wish...
hmm. < would probably wish that everyone on the yot community gets 1 wish as well
if v had the chance to get rid off of a specific character in Tekken, who would it be?

< would like to get ride of king..(he and his grapples... ) < does not grapple in game... Its < weakness.... Any how if v could date a Tekken character who would that be... And why...(except Yoshi)

Why the f*ck would you wanna date yoshi ? I can understand that your his fan, and you idolize him and all, but DATE him. Have you even looked at him ? :p

I would never get rid of king, he's too cool :p ya should get rid of eddy or lile, those are some annoying characters.
The person I'd wanna date would be...uhm...julia I think, reasonns. She's not japanese, and she seems the most normal of girl of the cast

< will teach ^ the rules of the game some time!! :))
Yoshi is extremely hot. There is much, much more to attractiveness than looks alone.

< Would date Ling if she were about 10 years older. That would be a really fun date. Probably going to an amusement park. Maybe Disny Sea in Tokyo. Or < would ask Leo on a date, if only to finally discover Leo's gender once and for all.

What does v find most irritating in life?

I can already tell you, LEO IS A CHICK, I don't understand why everyone is STILL questioning that.
I already know the rules of this game, I think, but it makes me think, and I don't wanna think now, cuz I'm too tired to think now :p
And yeah true there is more than meets the eye, but still it's hard walking with someone who looks like he hasn't eaten for centuries. And what < find irritating, < dunno, < find lot's of things irritating now that < thinks about it. But things that aren't logical always seems to irritate me, don't know y >.<

< finds Ralenzo irritating... :p na just kidding... the most irritating thing in < life is people who disturb < while < is gaming ... Does v think leo is guy or gal... State why...?

Yeah I thought you might find me irritating, sorry 'bout that :p It's cuz I always contradict you when you say something. But it's just pure coincidence you just so happen to say things I don't agree with, that's all =)
And LEO IS A CHICK (girl) !!! Why do I say she's a girl.
First of all, LOOK at her, she's obviously a chick,
second of all, she is voiced by a female actress
third of all, when tekken 6 and leo was for the first time announced they said she was a woman (later on they changed that).
And my last reason is, they always use the word "her" and "she" indicating that she is a woman.

< asks himself a question.

- who would win according to <, pirates or ninjas?
* < thinks ninjas would win...

will v explain how this game works to Ralenzo?