The "^", "<" and "V" game

^ is clearly inspired by a dead guy and ^ is probably in love with the ultra sexy Yoshimitsu
< is inspired by his own fantasies (srsly, < doesn't really know)
I wonder what v's favourite online game is

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<'s favorite online WAS O2JAM, until it died T_T
<'s just playing O2Mania to reminisce the O2Jam Memories ;)

< suddenly want to ask ^'s fave online game too...

I wanna' know who V's favorite female game heroine

^ played O2jam as well (o2jam rocks!)
<'s favorite female game heroine is probably kunoichi (< doesn't really have a fave female game heroine)
<'s favourate online game is probably Phantasy star online blue burst, Ragnarok online and GunZ Online

so what's v's favourite manly game hero

^ is asking that on a YOSHIMITSU fan site? Lol, well, okay, Yo-man isn't really a game hero as such.. So.. < favourite game hero is Sackboy! He can dance, he is brave, he can swim and pull such cool faces. Oh oh.. and does Sonic count? Sonic was the duuuuuuuude in his day.

Okay.. erm... What should < ask V? No no... that's just cheating.. a real question. erm...

If v could re-live ONE day in their life, what would that day be and why?

if < would re-live one day in < life, it would be < 3rd year life wherein I would then apply to be an eagle scout which I didnt want to become before but I want now(been jealous at eagle scouts and sad because < can't turn back time...)

it could also be <'s day of being with <'s crush that summer ^__^ ahh good times

soo, i would want to ask V if V has an allergy on a specific type or kind of food, just like < who has allergies on seafood and egg!

allergies? < has had no allergies for basic things so far...

what < would like to know is...
how many internet affaires did v have?

< will totally ruin it now because ^ already knows, but < has had one internet affair. < doesn't think < would ever do it again, but I guess it was a lot of fun... and expensive... and stressful, but < is really pleased and proud that it happened. It's such a wonderful story to tell the grandkids :p

If V could change one thing about their self, what would that be?

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if < could change something of himself, then < would give himself dragonball z hair/anime hair, that stays spikey for the rest of his life, without it looking shiny because of the amount of wax I would have to use otherwise...

(< hates washing his hair every day if I want my hair to look good when it's short)

if v could date any anime/game character, who would it be?

Would that be a serious long term thing? Or just a fling? < would love to have an evening with Jessy from Pokemon ^^ but for a long term thing, < would probably go for Kohei from Moon Phase because he'd look after < and treat < right.

< would have said Yoshi but < has already dated him and < has a strickt 'don't go back' policy when it comes to partners (< is otherwise a doormat in most other respects :D). Besides, after dating Sonic the Hedgehog too, < has concluded that videogame characters make terrible lovers!!

If V could spend one day with < what would we do??

< would take ^ out on a lovely evening. We could go out to a party, to the movies, to a carnival, go cosplaying or do anything else ^ wants to do.
< is an easygoing guy.

what does v prefer when v's on a date?
A fancy restaurant, McDonalds (burger king, kfc, ...), home-cooking, pizza delivery, a normal restaurant or something else?

Looks as though only ^ and < are playing this game. Shame on >, > and > for not joining in!!!

So then <'s ideal date would either be to watch fireworks or to go to an amusement park/funfair (anything that has big scary rides really). < once had a perfect date when her boyf took her to Disneyland Tokyo on her birthday. It was a really hot, wonderful day. < was hyper all day long and her boyfriend couldn't keep up with all her running around like a kid!!!

< and her boyf went on Big Thunder Mountain as the sun was setting and as we were climbing the incline at the start of the ride, the fireworks began!!!

That guy may have turned out to be nothing more than a d**k with a person attached, but damn, < at least has some great memories. Time is never wasted, so long as you can hold on to the best moments and smile!!

What cheers v up when v is feeling sad?

< agrees with ^. > , > and > should join this topic o.o

if < is feeling sad, < will go on youtube and watch some drunk people failing or check the failblog channel..
or, < will play some ssf4 and kick ass with E.Honda...

what does v prefer? Pirates or ninja's (ninjaaaa's)

Ninjas no question at all, what is cool about Pirates anyways

< have finally understod the rules and desites to try it out XD

When < is sad < isolates and writes the stuff down that depresses < :(

how much do V listen to music?

When ^ is sad ^ is welcome to talk to < and can always talk to < about anything ^ likes. :)

< listens to music daily. < likes to listen to music to chill out.

<'s favourite chillout song Waterloo sunset - The Kinks When < listens to it, < likes to imagine <'s watching the sunset go down on a beach.. It's <'s idea of paradise. :)

What did V do today? :P

< bragged to his brother that he passed for his temporary driver's license (yay)and < played some Super Street Fighter 4...

What is v's most rewarding experience and what made it so?