The "^", "<" and "V" game

Since this place is as empty as our school during summer holiday (if not emptier), I decided to put up this game we play on community board. It's simple:

"^" refers to the poster above you.
"<" refers to yourself
"V" refers to poster, whose post will appear below yours. For example, if I asked "V has been busy?", I'm asking if the poster below me - whoever it might me - has been busy, and he/she may or may not answer my question. It's totally up to him/her.

I'll start. But since the only thing above my post is the pic of T3 Yoshi, I'll refer to him. :D

^ doesn't seem to mind in which hand ^ keeps ^'s sword. Or it's a mirror pic...

< is working on page 109 of the Blood Ring. Yay! But due to it, < has totally lost <'s sense of time.

V has had a very lovely summer, eh?

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Has ^ spend all night drawing? Isn't ^ tired? :D

< Will have a rather busy summer! < Has so many things to do and see!

Where will v go, this summer vacation?

Nice game!

I hope that ^ will not over-work himself!

< will have various vacations, going with <'s boyfriend everywhere possible. In our plans is the Euroslash Tournament, many other player meetings and also... Baltic sea, or some mountain climbing... ^^

Does V like "V for vendetta"? :D

< Wish ^ the best of luck for the tourneys and a good trip aswell! ;)

< indeed liked "V for Vendetta" - Though, < thinks the movie needed to focus more or give the watcher a better picture of the actual problem the movie was based on. But in the end < isn't so critic ;)

What are V's favorite hobby?

^ Why are you stalking <? :D

< It was video games 2 years ago, now <'s favourite hobby is playing guitar, football and eh, messenger :)

Who is V's favourite team in the World Cup?

^ Needs to record himself playing Yoshi's T3 theme, and put it on yTS! < Will love ^ for it!

<'s Fav team was Holland; 4 red cards in 1 match? Godda love it!

V's favourite ice-cream flavour is...?

^ should remember that summer is for resting; not for stressing. :)

< doesn't eat ice cream. Makes < f*rt big time... :(

What kind of music V likes?

Whaha- aww, poor ^ !! Lemon Ice-cream is sooo yummy!

< Likes Heavy-Metal, Punk-Rock and J-Rock. Most songs from the 60's too!

If V would have to discribe him/herself in only 1 word, what would that word be?

^ can get <'s portion of lemon ice cream, then. :)

< would describe herself with the word "rat".

Does V like rats? :p

< wonders why ^ finds the word "rat" most suitable for self-description..? :O_o

< Don't mind rat's really - < think's rats are cute, but < would doubtly keep one as a pet. :D

Does V have any bad habits - if, yes: which? :D

To answer ^'s question about < calling <self a rat, ^ should recall why it is so friggin' hard to get rid of rats. :D

< Has a lot of bad habits. Observe Bryan and you know <.

Does V do motorcycling? If yes, what kind of bike V has, if not, why not? :)

^^Nope, don't motorcycle because I can't drive yet. But I've heard they get great gas mileage which would be nice : ).

^Has been at this forum for at least three years

<Likes baseball

Does V have a brother or sister?

^ Should consider getting a bike. < thinks it's great to drive one when the weather isn't too cold. But < is not too sure about the good gas mileage - though it don't surprise < if it's true.

< Has both - An older brother at 24 and a younger sister at nearly 7 which i hold dearly. This year <'s brother even had a little boy which makes < an uncle.
< is very proud! :D

How does V spend V's sparetime? ^^

^ has been pretty silent for a good time. Where has ^ been?

< has taken interest in old horror flicks. < actually considers following in Vampira's and Elvira's footsteps and unleashing <'s alter ego "the Queen of Horror". < plans on creating a website of ratings for anything horror-related.

What's V up to now?

Going to my home works soon, isn't it boring, ^?

< try to continue drawing my cartoon.

V, are you in love?