Questions about Yoshi gameplay

Here you can ask about anything you want to know about Yoshimitsu's strategies, techniques and so on. Experienced players will answer possibly any question.

Roboninja asked me about spins and harakiri.
1. The spins are a pain for players that have just started playing Yoshi. "Was it 3 spins or 5?" This is not that difficult as it may seem to be. The general rule is: "It's better to do less spins than too much" in a juggle. For beginners, you should be able to perform the following JG:

d/f+2, f,f+1, b+1,1, f+3

Be sure you can do this. If you can't .... go back to practice mode and train it until you're sure you can do this even with your eyes closed. This is one of most basic spinning juggles.

Doing two spins shouldn't be a problem here because both of them hit. But what about juggles where some spins miss? You must either see what Yoshi does (it's better) or train a pattern (for people learning Yoshi).

u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, f+3

In the JG above one spin misses (it's in the bracket) so you can't hear it hitting the opponent. At first I would recommend you to learn the "timing". It's easy. Just at first time, hit b+1,1,1,1... continuously and try to hear/see when the spins hit your opponent. Then, remember the length of the b+1,1,(1),1 sequence. Then, as you do this JG again, hit u/f+3, f+1 and hit b+1,1,1,1... UNTIL the moment marked with a bracket (that is: stop pressing b+1,1,1... just before the end of a sequence). and at the end, do a juggle finisher of your choice (the easiest one: f+3)

If you have it done, then you can switch to more difficult juggles listed in the "Skill project" section, the "standard juggles" part. "Standard", yeah... Yoshi has even more difficult ones.

2. As for hara-kiri d+1+4, it has some uses, but in my opinion it should be even more powerful than f,f+1+4 because it's quite difficult to have it connected (unless in Juggles, but even there you risk very much).
- You can use hara-kiri in combos, e.g. 3+4,3+4, d+1+4 or 4~3, d+1+4. Be sure opponent has such an amount of lifebar that it will kill him.
- You can use hara-kiri while in meditation 3+4, 1+4~B+1 - if your opponent wants to hit you, he will get nailed for a massive damage. Be sure that both Yoshi and him have at least a half of a lifebar.

f,f+1+4 is a "Confusion" move. It really confuses, and is used by highly trained Yoshimitsu players... just to confuse. :) Very dangerous because players that are familiar with Yoshi often launch quick attacks just as they see the Suicide/Confusion movement. But can be useful at times.
f,F+1+4 is a Suicide that will eat a massive 100 points of health if connected. Good way to finish your opponent since if both Yoshi and opponent die, Yoshi is the one who wins.

Any other questions? long we(players)need to play Yoshi to became a good tekken-Yoshi palyer:> as we know, Yoshi is not strong like some other caracters: [Feng:( or Paul] ( and he (we?) must be in a sweat a lot to win:( so...? I think(hehe) Real Yoshi needs to fight a lot 'cause he needs new experience points ...

Every character needs experience. As for Yoshi, I think you have to learn his technique. The fastest way is listening to experienced players. :) Then you can test the strategies and incorporate them into your gameplay if you like/feel them. And play, practice, play, practice... It's a long and hard way, especially in Tekken 5. But very satisfying.

I have several projects concerning Yoshi's techniques in my mind. Just give me some time to enclose them into words. The Skill section of YO-Team will contain the following articles:

1. Changes since Tekken 4
2. General Moves/Normal stance
3. Indian Sit stance
4. Flea Stance
5. Meditation Stance
6. Dragonfly Stance
7. BT techniques
8. Poison Wind and Stance switches.
9. Juggles and combos

This is only SKILL, that is simply: describing the moves' properties. Then I'll take care of the Strategy. (Trick, tips, putting it all together, types of play, etc.)
Expect a little T5 FAQ. :)

yme : long we(players)need to play Yoshi to became a good tekken-Yoshi palyer:> as we know, Yoshi is not strong like some other caracters: [Feng:( or Paul] ( and he (we?) must be in a sweat a lot to win:( so...? I think(hehe) Real Yoshi needs to fight a lot 'cause he needs new experience points ...

Well... it needs a lot of practice, patience, and will to play Yoshi. Because if you want to learn Yoshi, you're not going to play only with him. You have to practice with other characters as well (against him), to make your technique more effective and to be the deadliest opponent out there.

Juggling... if you don't know this then don't bother trying, because juggling is a very important part of Yoshimitsu gameplay. You also have to learn his unblockables, when to use them, because although he has a sword, Yoshi can be beaten by an overall character.

It takes a lot of time, but when you do master him, read a lot of Yoshi FAQs, strategies, juggles and combos, you'll be glad you spent your time on mastering the greatest Tekken character ever. :D

Can anyone tell me how to use U/F+4 properly? I can use it in a combo and sometimes as a mixup but most of the time I miss. Any strategies on it would be very helpful, thanks!

u/f+4 catches people ss to yoshi's right. a good use is at distance when opp standing up after a juggle (f+3 ender), rush in, anticipate ur opp's ss, u/f+4 their ass. Rush in, and use f+1+2 or grab mixup on opp waking up.

Also, u/b+4 is one of the best round starter, since it outbeats the jab.

Im sorry... Im not so sure if my question is ok here. What do I do with turtles? Yoshi seems to be a bait and kill-set up kind of character (maybe Im wrong), so what do i do with turtles? I mean, experienced players-turtles. When the fight is of high level, blocking almost anything, d+1 isnt the only answer to it. How do I approach an opponent when they go defensive?
I usually start crouching infront of them then do the sword sweep or do the quick u/f 3. But I feel it's so unsafe. hmmm.... help? :(


- you have life gain in 3+4 (meditation). That will make them come to you. There are many options to master after meditation, you can see in Manji Dojo section. If you play TK DR, don't forget about b+3+4 ^^ This is the greatest tool to make them attack.

- turtle yourself. Yoshi's d/f+2 is excellent whiff-punisher and generally a good tool to attack with... but beware crazy sidesteppers.

- Try to use some d/b+2,2,2 as an approach tool and then the options vs opponent's reaction. Sword Sweep or u/f+3 on high punches, block on a mid move or hopkick (and punish), use FC low kicks for side steppers... many other.

Hmm... it might be a good start. Meditation rocks :)

i've just started to try out yoshimitsu (i'm using him for the sake of using him now, not just so i can unlock more. :) ) all i'm doing at the moment (i'm using tekken 3 since it's the latest CANONICAL game i own (i don't consider TTT or tekken advance to be good games to practice with yoshimitsu, prove me wrong if they are)) is going in 1p freestyle mode, looking at the command list looking for a move to try out, try the move a few times so i can remember the button combination. once i've remembered a few, i change mode to vs cpu and trying the moves on a proper opponent. then when i'm satisfyed, i change back to 1p freestyle and learn some more.
slower process, but i guess most expert yoshi players started like this.

i'm getting to grips with the 'flea' moves and the yoshi copter. i know the spins where he usually falls over at the end. that's about it. as i said, i've only just started.

i'm not good with combos. tryed all of the characters and i just don't have the skills to string a whole load of moves together without some of the buttons i press not registering!
so i'm only trying single moves.

... any tips?

(p.s. sorry for the huge post)

EDIT: i own tekken 5 now.

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I was watching a video from 5.0:blush

and I saw how the beak player doged Yoshi's spinning sword shield, by quick rolling down, I want to know incase I ever have to play a yoshi player at UTX, that can you doddge it both ways of quick rolling or is it dependerble to which dirction and postioning etc, you are facing?