Instructing in a kids' camp (advice please)

Yesterday I attented H?meen Sportti's instructor class at Hoikka college, and I was chosen as one of the Martial Arts instructors for a kids' sport camp that will be held after three weeks. At first, I was thrilled - not only will I earn a bit money, but it will get me closer to blue belt as well! :D

Then I realized... I've got no experience about kids in any sort of camps. I've never had so many strange kids to teach (my own Judo team excluded, since they knew me before I had to teach them the first time). If you guys have any experience of teaching and instructing kids, please give me your advice. Any advice and experience will do. :)

Luckily I'm not there alone. I was astonished to hear I will stand there side-by-side with the Tae Kwon Do world champion Ismo M?kinen himself! There will also be Ismo's personal coach, who happens to be from Poland, by the way. I heard his full name, but I can only remember that his first name was Marjus. They were very nice. :)