From flea to dgf

hi in my strategy there is the transfert from flea to dgf.
i use it after a wall juggle; infact after wall i m in flea and i don't finish the jgl with ff or f3+4 but i transfer in i have more opportunity to attac my opponent...for ex. with 3 or 4 or 1...and if i make a new juggle from dgf the battle finish with an only starter juggle!!

your comment??

Hmm, the battle might finish if only you play on 100% lifeba, right?

If you feel comfortable with it, why not...I also use DGF, but without the Flea transition. It's quite slow as for me. What exact combo do you use?

yes only 100%...however i agree with you the transition is too slow...for jgl after dgf 4 i use 4,4,4 or after 1 i pass in flea and ff or f+3+4 or after dgf3 D/B1 D/B 2,2,2,2, but this is few probability...

Sometimes after flash, u/b+1+2 FLE u/f I would go from FLE to DGF as a mind-fucker. It's actually at the perfect distance (just a tad bit outside of Yoshi's DGF 4 range) if opp techrolls. While u will not be able to get anything guaranteed right after the transition, whatever opp does that sends him forward will be greeted w/ CH DGF 4, ssr into f+3+4 will get u the perfect opportunity to sword spin ur opponent on tech.

It's shown here at the end of the round 1:

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