harakiri in juggle

Help me i need of you!!! i try but nothing!! this is the juggle:

flea+1+2 ; f+1 ; b+1+1+1+1 ; b+1+1 WALL fF+1+4(suicide)

the last hit(suicide) don't hit!!! what is the wrong??

maybe the italian tekken version is slow!!but it is in 60 HRZ equal all version...or i'm slow....or there is a wrong in the juggle!!!

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Firstly: please don't write with caps. It's close to spamming you know...

As for the harakiri... you have seen it in a movie, haven't you? The timing is critical, try to recall all the situation.
1. On which character was this juggle performed?
2. On what stage?
3. At what angle?

sorry but what is caps? i don't understand.

for harakiri i try vs jin in the secret garden stage and i start the juggle from the middle of stage. however i know that is very difficult in the battle!

"Caps" as in CAPITAL LETTERS. Try and avoid it, please. It's usually considered as screaming out loud.

The same rule goes to Tekken as well as all martial arts; timing is everything. You don't learn everything in one day, not even in one week.

ok nothing capital letter.
very thanks

You know, in combo movies, people did the same juggle hunderds of times to make it properly... I suggest you don't try this juggle in a fight :)

It's better to do the suicide alone, don't you think?

hi, during the practice i have made this juggle:

FLEA 3+4 ; b+1+1+1+1 ; b+1+1+1+1 ; wall ; fF 1+4(suicide) 169 dmg 8hit

i made it vs panda from the middle of secret garden stage

Very nice! :) Do you have any means to record this in a movie?

Thanks... for now i have recorded the jgl by nokia 6630 but i hope that i'll record it by another mens.. but why? can i send it on the site?