Tekken 6 Teaser!

Click on the following link for the new Tekken 6 teaser movie. It's awfully short, but I like what I see! :D :D :D (Though I must admit, it does seem kinda "blocky" for next gen graphics...)


grrr :P you should put here this link : TK6 movie it is the same movie but we don't need to wait at this stupid site, I hate to wait when I m going to download some movie from IGN , waiting sux

Ah, that. It's kinda old, is it? I remember seeing is quite a while ago. I think it looks promising, if we're talking about in-game graphics. Can't wait for the next Tekken! :D

Are you sure you have the right one Koga? The one with Lili and Jin fighting just came out a few days ago!

EDIT: Also, PSP trailer for TDR at the bottom of the page:

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Whoah, I must've messed up with my browser again! O_O

Never seen that one before. Still, looks promising! :D

Hehe... Not able to play the trailer on my computer of some ridiculous reason. But i'm certain it's gonna cost lots of money$ to play Tekken 6.

The machine itself, as far as i've heard will cost Sony more than 800 dollars to make. The price will be around 6-700 dollars. That taken into consideration, i f***ing hope namco comes up with a flawless Tekken this time! (Good graphics just ain't enough for me!)

And Tekken 5: DR for PSP. Well. It would be cool to try it out - but on a PSP? Then i'd much rather be without it.


I just saw an ad in the morning's newspaper; a PSP + Charlie's Angels movie for 199?. Not bad a trade, I think. I've been hunting for a PSP with a reasonable price, and I think this is what I've been looking for. And when I finally find DR for PSP - woo-haa, fare thee well, long hours of waiting! :D

I'd love to try DR out aswell. But the controls on a PSP isn't the best out there. (Commands like d/f, d/b, u/f and u/b should be pretty hard to pull off.) I tried GTA 3 on it, and i must say i'm disappointet. It was too hard/complicated to do more than just run in a straight line or strafe.
- It just annoys me more than it brings me pleasure. But maybe thats just me?

But, well - if you wanna try it out, then don't listen to me and give it a shot! :)

guys, girls... do you want tekken DR intro, with awesome Yoshi cutting awesome waterfall with his most awesome sword? :D

Do we want Tekken DR info? It's like asking if Bryan's a psycho! :D

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! :p


Here you go ^^

Whoah! The vid game me some serious shivers! O_O

Amazing. Simply amazing. I liked the Dragunov and Yoshimitsu scenes the best. But I think there isn't room for two zombies in Tekken. :con

Dragunov reminds me of all the Russian judokas I've seen in the higher hierarchy competitions. I guess there is still quite a strong Sambo-trait in Russian judo... but, no wonder they make good competitors! :)

ahh yes. ive seen this one before. i can,t wait for the new tekken for psp. and tekken 6. exept yoshimitsu looks more like a predator than he has ever been.:)