Trance Heads

Anybody out there into Trance/Dance/Techno music?

If so, plz post the name of, or link to, some good songs. I'm in dire need of new music. :)


Hehee, may I be of some help? I love trance! :D

I could recommend entire albums! Such as Scooter, for instance. Mainly its older discography, though, I think the quality has suffered ever since their album "No Time to Chill". You should search for their older stuff. My personal favorites are "No Fate", "Devil Drums", "I'm Raving" and "We Are the Greatest".

Well, Scooter's more techno than trance, I suppose...

Say, ever listened to Nine Inch Nails? Another great one! Although I listen to their older stuff as well. Again, my personal favorites are "Deep", "Closer" and "Into the Void".

(By the by, remember the scene in Rautanyrkki where Yoshimitsu was recovering from the operation where Nina's bullet was cut out from his back? He was listening to Nine Inch Nail's "Into the Void"! :D)

To mention few other great trance groups, I'd definitely bring up Helium Vola (try "Omnis Mundi Creatula", "Selig" and "Veni, Veni"), Funker Vogt ("Fallen Man" rocks!) and X-Perience ("Cirlces of Love", "A Neverending Dream"), even though the latter goes more into the tecnho group again...

Heres some i know, and as far as i know is amongst the best there is;
- Infested Mushroom (Goa Techno)
- DJ Dean (Dance/Techno) [Play it hard/Protect your ears]
- DJ Ti?sto (Trance) [Love comes again]
- DJ Tomcraft (Trance/Techno) [Loneliness]
- DJ Zany (Hardstyle)
- Cascada (Trance/Dance)
- DJ Mangoo (Trance/Dance) [Eurodancer you must know?]
- Groove Coverage (Trance/Dance)
- Ian Van Dahl (Club/Trance) [Castles in the Sky]
- Lasgo (Trance/Dance) [I got to experience 'em live once!! :D)
- Pulsdriver (Club/Dance/Trance) [Cambodia + alot of remixes]
- Sash! (Techno/Dance) [Equador - every trance listener knows this one!?]
- Rocco (Trance/Dance) [Not THAT famous, but try "Everybody" and "Drop the Bass"]
And so forth..

These are, as far as i know some of the most known artists.
As least; Infected was, as far as i know one of the first there ever was at the Techno genre. Ti?sto has won alot of prizes and DJ Dean is one of the leading DJ's in germany etc.
But they're IMO all good.

Besides those i listen to alot of amature music where you can get free music. All though it's in danish, so you might wanna reconsider ;)
But if you wanna give it a try, then feel free to add me on MSN - i'll hook you up with some. (I promise you won't get disappointet!:) )