How's the general skill levels like in your contry?

As the title says; How the general skill levels like in each your contries? :)

There are many good players and there are chances to make a european tekken tournament soon :D from an international arena you should know Boskon$Mashter,Matt maby Icek ,Veron [old players] [side kick team] we have strong good players [Steve ,Bryan,Yoshimitsu, DJ,Eddy,Julia Hwo...Law.. and FENG] there is a boy at Poland, he's 11 y.o. and he plays Feng, on last polish tournament he took 3rd place :D [ hi's a Matt's brother]

Tenshi:zapomniałem o kimś?

11 y.o. And ending with a 3rd place. Neat! :D

Unfortunetly, we, here in denmark, don't really have any insanely good players. At least none thats still active. We have about three which has the title as DK's best; Casperin, Philly and Chucky. Unfortunetly, those three still holds the titles as the best, al though they're no longer active.
Amongst the active, i know that Shingo (He posts here aswell) is one of the best.

But the level here is, in fact poor - very poor. THe main reason to this, i think lies in the lack of arcades and people, in general, not finding Tekken itself interesting enough to get good. Only real chance we've got is these gamenights, held once a month where people show up to play Tekken for the weekend - and thats about it.

You know what, the same 11 yo boy yesturday won a tournament, Tenshi took 3rd place ^^ :D

Well I can't say much about Melbourne but its preeeetty competitive, I think Big Chief can elaborate more :D

You know what, the same 11 yo boy yesturday won a tournament, Tenshi took 3rd place ^^
Pretty wicked he ran away with the first place! ?.?
- But was it some kind of official tournament or what..? We use to make some tournaments ourselves; But those are just unofficial ones! Nothing serious. :)

Hmm.. I'd love to try strengths with much better players someday. They're rare in DK, so you're kinda forced to travel around if you really wanna improove. And that is something my budget wont allow - unfortunetly!!!

An official tournament in Poland ? hahahaah here at Poland there was FIRST an official TK5 tournament at last summer [ was it in your country? supported by Sony and main price was a ticket for two persons to Los Angeles] at Poland Boskon took 1. place and he was plaing Nina , the second place belonged to Matt -Julia Fan he was playin Julia and Steve. Pictures from this journey are at TZ FTP ,i can give you a link deirectly to those pictures p[ Pictures taken by Mashter and Boskon after being at LA] at june in thies year Tenshi has occasion to make a very good TK5 Tournment :D

Hell yeah. Gimme a link, please! ;)

But, yeah, we had an official tournament here aswell.

Most of the better players in DK are all part of a community: Unfortunetly i didn't found out about this before AFTER the tournament. So i didn't take part. But i sure will now!! :D

But, well. unfortunetly, none of the TC-guys won. Some unknown dude, as far as i know ran away with the 1st place. Too bad! ;)

Besides; Most has more or less quit Tekken or is waiting for the next one. Bad manners if you ask me! :(

But, anyways. Feel free to drop by and throw in a post or so on our forums ;)
Adress is;
Just click forum->chat and new thread. ;)

Cy'ass l8r bro :)

ok here is the link to Mashter's Pics :

at Poland everybody could play at tournament. there was a Car with playstations 2 and TV's :D it was runing all over the poland[ The Biggest Cities] I took maaaany photos from few cities :D ar u interested in? I can send u most interesting

The people here are mostly cheap sons of <censored for cleanliness> that play StreetFighter and repeatedly pick Akuma. So, with that in mind,yes the skill lvl blows. Massively.

Yup, yme is right. The skill level in Poland is very high, we have many, many good players playing unorthodox characters as well as the top tiers.

Devil is now 12 years old :D He trains everyday with his brother, and his skill is very high. He don't play with flashy techniques or advanced strategies. He just uses max-effective schematics, adding the power of his character (Feng) and great defensive game, we have a champion.
(BTW his game is not schematic: he thinks very well. It's well-known what he will use, but the efficiency of Feng's safe mix-ups is very high.)

Well, not to mention that other top players don't play that much due to duties this little boy doesn't have to care yet.

Our best players:
1. Robson, playing a variety of characters, using extremely effective strategy, who never risks when it's not needed. By watching him, there is a lot to learn!
2. Matt and Devil (Julia, Feng and also other characters), who skilled themselves by hard work and trainings. Top players with top strategies, always 50/50 guess-ups and they never attack first.
3. Mashter and Boskon. Mainly because of their experience.
4. the Olimp Team (TekkenBobTerminator, Peter, Gracki, Punisher), the awesome 4-player Team, using Steve, Hwoarang and Bryan. They always have new tactics off their sleeve.
5. Swayman - our regular past champion in Tekken 4 times. Uses mainly Paul and Raven. Flashy and effective game, but unfortunately, he plays no longer Tekken 5 "professionally". It was since he lost due to nasty game bug.
6. Gubu, Cigen, Ratman - a family of Tekken players, playing Lei (best Lei in Poland), Xiaoyu and Ganryu. Very effective. Gubu suprises with his max-damage juggles 90% ended on walls. I bet that if he played anybody from abroad, the suprise effect would cause many wins for him. He's the player whose strategy must be well-thought to be even able to play against him. The first approach is always painful.
Cigen: he knows Yoshimitsu very well (used to play him), so I have always a hard fight with him. We go in tourneys head by head. :)
Ratman: just like Gubu: suprises. His very individual style must be recognized. It's very good I didn't run onto him without free sparrings first ^^.
7. Gajda: one of the most talented players, using a lot of characters.
8. and many others.... Borys, Wojtaro, Mieszko, Ziemek, Francuz, Slusarz, Grisha (very good Craig), Kaczka (the same), Odyn, Grey-Fox, Wooolf, Zcubany, the Mors brothers....

... well, our overall level is very high, but as for individual level, we have to train more to reach the individual level of some top players, like Ryan Hart. For example, Matt won second place, he lost only with Ryan in the tournament in France.

Well, I think that's all...

Hummm... Reading your post, Tenshi, i'm not sure i ever wanna try my luck against any of you - haha! ;)

But i think it's nice you all are that good. I wish we had alot more skilled players in Denmark. But that, i think, will only remain a wish or a dream in my twisted mind. I think it requires a certain amount of passion to keep play Tekken as much as you guys do - and many people here, unfortunetly, don't share that passion. *sob!*

And, yes - i got told this Ryan Hart is one hellave Tekken player. Our man, Casperin tells me he played him at a tournament. He won not one round. And taken into consideration, that he pretty much owns each and everyone, i think, speaks for itself..?

Amen-- No.. DORAY!!! ;)

Ps. I cannot find you on that list, Tenshi'? :O_o

It's obvious that I won't list myself in my own post. :) There are others to classify me...

Anyway, I know that I'll 80% lose to Matt, Devil and Robson if I happen to run onto them. The rest of players are within my reach (but the fight overally is always extremely tough).

Tenshimitsu : It's obvious that I won't list myself in my own post. :) There are others to classify me...
Fair enough. Just curious! ;)

Tenshimitsu : Anyway, I know that I'll 80% lose to Matt, Devil and Robson if I happen to run onto them. The rest of players are within my reach (but the fight overally is always extremely tough).

Yea, well. I'm not the one to argue about this. I haven't seen any of those guys playing, so i can't tell how great they are.
- But i've seen you play, and, just to annoy you by repeating myself, i think you've got a excellent Yoshi. At least 10 times better than my own!

But i'm still thinking; Are they really that better? A player playin' a High-tier, beatin' up another player playin' a Low-tier doesn't have to be any worse.

Well - i don't know. Lots of stupid words often come out of my mouth!
*Zips the mouth and shuts up!*


Hehe :) In our country, Mashter is known as the one with best knowledge. He once classified all characters into groups:

Top-tier, high-mid tier, mid tier and low tier.

At the beginning, Yoshi was low tier in his classification. As he played me, Yoshi suddenly jumped to high-mid tiers. :P

But as we look at all players playing Yoshi in the world, their efficiency is overally worse than those e.g. playing Steve. And this should be the basis for classifying characters as tiers.

The three players I mentioned can win using every character. They have the overall strategy very well-thought. I'm sometimes too anxious to kick my opponent's ass and so I run into troubles. :) But this is something to be trained. So everything is fine... I'm glad that with the small amount of trainings I serve myself (once a week? half an hour?) I'm still in good shape that can be anytime blown up in a 7-hour Tekken sparring session...

That's why trainings before a tournament and free sparings are very important.