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No: Left , triangle and square "Omage Hosen" in Tekken 6. e (when he turns to
red sword # Tenshimitsu :
I don't really understand. You mean a combo after down/forward + triangle,triangle?

do you mean kinchou stance when you hit your opponent with the red sword of 'omega hosen'?
you press square+ triangle for that

to finish the combo (I think you want to know that)

you go in the kinchou stance (square + triangle) and you then use the 'red sword' by using forward + 2

aren't all the moves listed in the command list ? just saying...

Some people are either lazy or dont have patience...... Example mashers ....

hahahaha yeah well, if you're playing with eddy or lilly, and it's your first time, the best thing you can do is mash ^^'

Actually some moves are still hidden from the list... Noob namco..

I think they do it on purpose :p

lol.... I think you are from namco Ra..Len...zo.... XD

hhahahaaahah well it's like this. You should never give away everything you have, always keep some things a secret and make people search and discover new things ;)

Yoshi players are among those who love secrets. :)