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just checkin in to say wadup to all yoshi players. KYG(tenshimitsu?) thanks for the promotion to YOT.oh and great job on this site btw! alot of praises from me. anyways, see yall around
-francis "the mantis"

Ok This is a bit embarressing for me... Well... I kind of changed my password and for some reason now I can't log on. I think i made a password too big!

So if you can, administrators, can you change my password to my previous password. Hmm... the only way I know this can happen without telling anyone else or knowing if it is really me or not is sending it at my email. If you can't retrieve my password then can you tell me the password to logon? thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience...

Damn it! I should never have tried acegikmoqsuqwerty12344321

Woops forgot to enclose my email address... its, I think its on my profile too! Sorry for double posting...

Ok I'm logged back in now, should have looked at the password recovery program before hand. Everything is FINE!!!!

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Manji clan member : Oh, I see. But then why is there a number next to the ranking? Rather perplexing really.

EDIT: This question was never answered; What are the benefits of group membership?

The number is just a number of the level, from 1 to 99. It reflects the feeling of how high in the ranking you are. In theory, I can make 99 levels of the membership, but what for so many of them? :) Or maybe you want so many of them? :)

By now the benefit is that you are a group Member :) In this site engine, groups aren't that useful as levels.

Whoa... haven't been here for a while... I have so little free time this month so I don't really surf on internet much... However, I spotted 2 strange things.

1. When I click on the "Active topics" link, I get an error page ("Wrong URL"):|
2. Me and Kiri are "guests" :dontgetit (How can a registered member be a guest?)

Hi :)

I recently updated the site's engine, thanks for the info about mistakes, LOL. You're now administrator again. :) I want to set up the "auto-levelup" function in our forums (post count means level-up), but I didn't have much time in my home lastly.

Please report any other bugs you'll encounter :)

OK :)

Yes, I noticed that you updated something ;) ("You posted in recently updated topics" thing is nice)

I updated even more :) The statistics; Online-tracker and login box in the home page. How do you like it? :)

It's great! You read my mind. :) It was a bit annoying to click on "login" link each time, and now it's right in front of you :) Great job, Tenshi.

One more thing: Is it possible to add an option to automatically log in each time when you enter the shrine? (pernament login) It's a great thing, and this "remember for 2,3... days" option doesn't work (at least not for me)... it it working for you or it's just my computer, cookies and firewalls?

On my comp, the remember option works on other sites (forums), but not on this one...:O_o

Well, I stay logged in for 3 days, so over here it works just fine. :)

Cookies now likely have their age set for 259200 sec. Perhaps we can change it to 31536000? (one year) [ setcookie("user", $username, time()+31536000,'); ]
It would save you time logging in each time :)

EDIT: is this located within the [link removed due to safety reasons]

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Hmm, the remember me option also works for me... o_O
Yeah, Kiri... not only system paths, but give here also all the passwords ;) Not good :)

P.S. I'm waiting for the second part of your fan fiction! :)

Weird... now it works for me as well?

Oh well, no problem then, I suppose :)

That's funny :) This would make me investigate the issue. :) I don't like "uncontrolled" things :)

Hey Tenshi, could you bring back the "Active topics" link? Now we can only see the updated topics where we posted, but not all updated topics (except the 5 ones in main page of the shrine). :)