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try to bring back the game when you get the chance. i love the starting to have game think im joke...just kidding i would be nice though.

YTS rules! I've been with YOT since... well I signed up on YOT just before Dinaga did, so I'm a long-time fan of this shrine. Like SiCdRaGoN87 said, bringing back the RPG game would be a great idea. And more Yoshi themes plz! :D

Things I don't like
Things I do Like
- Movies
- Forums

Hi and welcome to yTS! :)

Thanks for the welcome Dinaga

No problem mate, have a nice time here :)

Hello all. Great site you got here. It was so cool I joined up. A question; when i try to write my sig and update, it doesn't let me. Why?

Hmm, that's odd... It could have several reasons. Is there a picture included in your signature? Does it contain big pieces of written text?

Try just to type text in your sig and see if it works.

What browser do you use? What type of error message does it display? Tell us details.

The error is something from Bellsouth. And no, no large bits of text or pictures. I'll try it again soon. Thanks for the help so much!

I set the browser to auto detect every thing but it still wont work...weird...

on another note, how does your rank change? I think I have enough posts for at least Tekken Fan.

This post was edited by Manji clan member (2005-07-09 20:24, 15 years ago)

The rank depends on our feeling. :) ...yup, you deserve to be at least Tekken fan. :)

Holy snap!!!!! This new theme is freakin' awsome! NICE JOB GUYS!!!!(and girls.):D:D:D