new combo video:Dhing

Some time ago I was sending request about hosting my vid to an administrator but I have not received an answer. So I have decided to put it somewhere else. But this doesn?t mean you can?t enjoy it, too. And send me some comments on it by the way. Any comments will be appreciated. Hopefully you will like it but I am not gonna down if not. I am big boy now:wink

This link is on page written in my home language but I think you can figure it easily out. My combo movie could be downloaded from an article labeled as a new and also is there a picture of our beloved manji ninja.

Or you can use direct link as well:

As I said I am eager to hear somet:Dhing from you.

Awesome combo vid.
Either I was missing out big time, or those are some great combos you've recorded. Think I'll try some out now...

Hi! It was 3:50 at night and I was almoust going to sleep , but before I went to bad I lookek onto Manjikai... , new topic, new combo movie... ok I decided to download It and watch it when I wake up, but I coudn't go to sleep be cause this movie has downloaded in few minutes...

After seeing movie one question has born: Why there is no techroll? , is reaaly your wallcombo with FLE[turn]f,f guaranted? I was trying to perform this wallcombo but it doesn't workrd coretly[ maby that's why be cause it was almoust 4:30 at night when I was trying to do it :D All your movie is good because there are new actions , about music : AFRICA sounds :D Yoshi,Africa,,hmmmm :D[ music reminds old good cartoon: The Lion King :D ] hakkuna mattata ! :D cheers, look at my sygnature, I'm making movie too :D

Abort, when did you send me any request? I can't recall receiving any... (checking e-mail box...) nope, I didn't...

Do you still want the space?

BigChief, where did you find that graphics from your avatar? o_O *drools!*

After watching the movie:

Hmm, nice looking! Although without the quickroll setting, it's not that reliable... (anyway, people fear quickrolling... :P)

Tenshimitsu : BigChief, where did you find that graphics from your avatar? o_O *drools!*
... it's a secret...:wink

thanx for your comments. I am preparing vol. 2, which is going to be more flashy, bloody and dirty. But DR is coming out so I dont know if its not better to wait for next Tekken. Maybe on PS3...

FLEA is guaranted Untechrollable but only in some cases as I have showed so far. But these are not the only ones, that is for sure.To make it work correctly you must create a time space either with correct using of b+1,1... or with buffered movement. In that space you must time it right within 2 frames or you will not succeceed.

Example of the combos I am preparing (only if you are interested or I am not going to bother to make a public release and I will save it only for members of kesagiri dojo):

d/f+2, (Marduk on CH only), some things...blablabla...wall, f,F+1+4 [153 damage]

I am hungry for more comments!

see ya later

...and I need more space...

cool vid. yoshimitsu is a great charactor for combos, are u gonna make anymore?

This is one of the Best Videos I have seen....
The music you used in the video it seems to be from the game called Civilisation 4... is that so ...I used to play that game pretty much but not really sure... any how Please Please Please post more videos...