is there any tekken charactors u hate?

I hate Baek and your flamingo...he has a death oki...iwill never understand this char:|

baek... Ugh. So damn unpredictable when used right. But baek players are rare, so it should be right.

beak is so confussing unless you can time your enemys tactics and moves and then felmangio is a thing of the past:D

I have never liked Bruce Irvin. He's right though, with a face as hideously done (honestly worst facial design they've ever made), he truly is my worst nightmare....

I also really don't like Law and Paul. In my whole tekken experience I've never liked them due to lame character designs, and baaad story for Paul.

Everyone else is just fine for me.

And no, just because I dislike The above three mentioned, doesn't mean I want them gone. the more the merrier.

I hate Lily, Anna, Marduk, Forest Law and LEE who screams like a little girl xD
Don't like: Heihachi, Bruce, Ganryu

Anna, Nina, Julia, Steve, Christie, Ganryu, Kuma, Heihachi :D

oh my heihachi haters .. thats unfortunate .. i love heihachi .. but i don't like Law ( forest or marshal ) and i really dislike Eddy and Christie .. thats pretty much it ..

Hmm....Jinpachi and Anna:p

I like Yoshimitsu devil jin kazuya lee Marshall and asuka
I hate Ganryu all the animal charecters (except roger) raven (not cuz hes black) and christie! she's pretty and all, but she so darn annoying! she break dances and nearly kicks my butt until i "prison gate her" (thats where my name comes in) and i hate nina, not cuz of her looks, but he annoying moves >:(

i sometimes hate lili >_< but i use her sometimes lololol :))
i also hate jack-6 especially when I get to fight him, also christie/eddie mashers

and the favorite character of my rival in tekken, Xiaoyu (but only if he uses Xiaoyu, but other than that, Xiaoyu's fine :D)

Marshall Law. Definitivamente.

I really never posted here? Weird.

Well, I hate both Lili and Kunimitu. No, I'm not sexist, I like female characters in fighting games, these two just really irritate me for some reason.


i just realized how irritating a julia user could be >_< I just hate it when i cant move to a julia user, damn >_<

I also dont like other mokujin players who are too proud that they could use every character effectively, but is easily beaten...

Online mode in Tekken 6 made me hate Asuka Kazama. The only thing someone who chooses Asuka needs, is to get an opponent on the ground. From that point on I can just put my controller down.

play against the best Asuka or Julia player you can find and learn from them, the one who keeps handing it down to me is still Lili though =( it's like she was designed to be annoying