is there any tekken charactors u hate?

I wish I could laugh like Bryan... when I try it just ends up sounding cheesey and stupid.

You're lucky Koga.

I laugth like a monkey when I start, when I laugth I just can't stop

I practise yoshi's laugh. lol. Ha.hahahahahaaa!
Also, I practice my own maniacle laugh, but it sounds like The Count from sesame street. lol. "von bat... hahahaa. Two bats. hahahaaa"


and then clar goes raiding the cookie jar like cookie monster:D

Yeah, Xiaoyu. Her quick, close range attacks go well against Yoshi's slower and medium ranged attacks IMO. If you can't keep a good space between them you could get screwed.

yeah, ling is so annoying when she get's started and that goes double for her stupid back juggles.

Well...apart from the fact that I have yet to win a decisive battle against DaRizat (my fellow Steel City Tekken player), I don't find Ling to be that much of a problem.

Just remember this: Ling is all about stance shifts, but almost every stance can be hit with f,f+4. You see Ling go into Art of Phoenix? f,f+4. You see her turn her back? f,f+4. If your reaction time is good enough, you'll catch the opponent with frame advantage before they can do a move out of either of those stances.

Oh, and if you see Hypnotist, I'd do a quick Meditation backflip (or even bad stomack backflip) out of the way before countering. Not sure if Sword Sweep would work, but it might.


THANKS someone is in trouble now

A really hate :
1st - Feng because this charakter is Lei killer
2nd - Nina because her is good charakter vs Lei
3nd- Poul - good charakter vs Lei (d+1+2)
4nd- Stiv because I hev not practic from on it

as usual it' s the cheap chracters getting all the hate, but I hate those chraters except for Feng.

well the best way to deal with it is learm this chraters pattens, plus you opporants pattens

<Offtpoic> Im actually the best at reading other people when fighting them. Often, I ask them what's their favourite button (playstation controller). If they tell me, I know what grab button their more inclined to use. Other than that, I have the best reflects, you can't low hit me, but Im stilll a sucker for frame advantages. Also I see patterns in other peoples fighting styles within the first round. But its been a while since I've met anyone worthy enough to face me and yoshi.

The character I hate the most is that damnable asuka! How can someone so small have a stronger left kick than a slash with a sword?

well that's wrong reason to hate asuka.

I hate for her stupid revesal d/f+1+3, but I know how to get out of that it's called a chicken buffer as they about to counter you attack into d/f+1+3 you should press d/f+2+4.

they may try and trick you and do it the other way around, but if that's the case then the chicken buffer is the otherway around( asuka's counter throw d/f+1+3).

hope that helps some of your auska troubles clar380:)

Personally, I hate Julia. Her hippy attitude just annoys me :((

That's true, Namco really need to give her a new story, how long has it been since she's been trying to reforest rainforests? lol. Also I especially hate her dashing elbow attack. people spam that move too much it's annoying.

new chracter on my hate list, because of yesterday.


just for the stupidity of D/F+1+2, but I know how to get out of it now.

so no biggy