Corrupted Data Card

hey guys,

any1 experience a corruption on their card? as it becomes totally unusable and advices you to buy a new one? anyone know of a trick to make it work again?

I actually have a yoshi card and today was going well for me got promoted to 2nd dan( i know its not much to brag) then some cash to buy new customes. So happen that when i put my card on reader it says the its corrupted and cannot be used anymore.

Anyone has similar experience to mine?

I've heard of incidents where people's data cards suddenly appear to have an unimaginable amount of cash stored inside for no reason. Never heard of a data corruption though.

Luckily I've never had that sorta trouble. If the card's operated by magnets maybe that's your problem, but I honestly have no idea. =P

From what I hear you have no option but to buy a new card. I'm sure you'll make it back to 2nd Dan in no time. ;)

Has someone else encountered this problem:

I played Arcade a lot with Bryan and finally got to the status of Warlord. But - as me and my friend had noted some time before - the bot apparently began to malfunction. We could choose, say, a Legend Paul as the next opponent and beat it with ease. Then, later on, we could face a 1. Dan Paul without getting one chance to do something. Sometimes the bot was able to defend or block in the middle of their combo or some other move.

Playing got so frustrating that I decided to try out the following; I formatted the Tekken 5 data and whaddayaknow, problem solved. Difficulty is now in keeping with the rank.

Just kind of sad that I had to give up the Warlord rank... :(

I'm not worried about the ranking... but the wasted cash i had on it plus the customes i bought. Well some of the card reader here is actually faulty some card only goes half way (still reads the data on it) while some that takes it all in refuses to read it really weird:|

Ya it happened to me. My Tekken 5 file got courrupted somehow and I had to start all over on it which made me a little upset because I had almost everyone's endings and I was tying to get Devil Jin then the corruption happened. I hated it but my friend said that one of his friend's file got mess up as well.

I think Koga and Niobe are referring to PS2 Memory Cards. Unexpected corruption of data in Memory Cards is usually because of the AutoSave feature turned on. Happens in SC3 as well.

lohn is referring to Arcade Machine Data Cards. Much harder to earn cash, that's for sure (unless you have a ghost).

how is the tekken scene there in melbourne Bigchief? some korean guys are quiet good here in syd. but i stay away from them and kick ass the newbies for gold hehe.

Honestly, I don't hang out at Arcades much. I still haven't learned the fine intracacies of the Arcade stick. =P

All I know is, from various vids and such, we ain't really all that IMO. Some dude named 'Talos' is by far the best player I know in Melb, but that's it really.

As for the console tourneys, I'm too damn busy with yr 12 to train all day and enter 'em.

Ah, yes. The corrupted data problem. I experinced that aswell some time ago. 6 months or more work wasted. BUGGER!
- Now i got 95.000.000$ fight money plus all of my fighters customized. And of course Auto Safe OFF!!!