Yoshi skill project

This topic will be for the skill part of Yoshimitsu Art of fighting... to be continued!

Meditation only (3+4_SS+3+4)

(3+4_SS+3+4) - Starter...
1+2 - Charge-up... don't do this unless you want to show-off
3+4 - Manji Backflip
1+4 - Harakiri
1+4, B+1,1,1,1,1 - Manji Chizakura
qcb,F+2 - Yoshi-altruist...
u,n_d,n - Side Step (single, no ss moves)
u,u_d,d - Walk, still no ss moves available
b,3+4 - spin - Meditation
b~3+4 - quick spin - Meditation forward
2+4_1+3 - throw

Unconventional extensions

(b_f+1) - jab
f~d/f+1 - low punch
f~d/f+4 - low kick
(b_f+2) - Backfist
b_f+4 - high kick
b_f+3 - Troubled Soul
f~u/f+4 - Hop Kick (JG!)
f~u/f~n - BT Recovery
f~U/F, N+3 - stunkick
f~U/F, N, d+3 - low hopkick
f~U/F+4 - Jumping Hopkick, my personal favourite

(WARNING... starting from T5, doing the moves below out of first meditation is extremely difficult. But you can do them freely after the second!)

b~1+2 - Flea backwards
b~d+3+4 - Sit Backwards
b~3+4 - Meditation Forward

(BT Flea is possible, but after some efforts...)

Extensions after 3+4, b~3+4 -
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+3 => Meditation Forward -> Samurai Knee
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+4 => Meditation Forward -> Avoiding the Puddle
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+3+4,b+1... => Meditation Forward -> Poison Wind
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f+1+2 => Meditation Forward -> Deathcopter (etc
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f~u+1+2 => Meditation Forward -> DGF
3+4, b~3+4, f~u/f~u+3+4 => Meditation Forward -> Guillotine Crow Kick
3+4, b~3+4, f~U/F+4 => Meditation Forward -> Jumping Hopkick
3+4, b~3+4, f~U/F, N+3 => Meditation Forward -> Stun Kick
3+4, b~3+4, f~U/F,N,d+3 => Meditation Forward -> Low Kick
=> ... and other jumping moves

BT stance variations

Yoshimitsu can switch to BT (BackTurned) Stance after these moves:
- f,f+1+2
- WS+2
- teleport in place d+3+4,f
- teleport d+3+4,2 if your opponent is running at you
- jump-over opponent
- after missing with f+3+4
- 3+4~f~u/f~n
- going on the other side over lying opponent by u+1+2
- f,f,n,1+4 Confusion
- f+3+4~b,U/F~n (Kamikaze cancel)

Standard moves that can be done any place in BT:

and other... (low punch (d+1), low kick (d+4), hopkick (U/F+4)... etc.)

(*) This is "nearly at the same time" input. You press the direction one frame faster, hold it and then the buttons... require some practice, but is quite easy)

Solar Kick (f,f+1+2) and extensions

All the lowkicks, hopkicks, low jabs etc. are working, besides Flash u+1+4... because this command is already busy. You can wait a little anyway... but I would not recommend it.
Solar Kick Soul Siphon: f,F+1+2~1+4
Solar Kick Possession: f,F+1+2~F+1+4
Solar Kick Evasive Sidespin: f,F+1+2~b+3+4,3+4...
Solar Kick Manji Spin Slaps backwards: f,F+1+2~D/B+2,2,2,2
Solar Kick Deathcopter: f,F+1+2~U/B+1+2 (etc)
Solar Kick DGF: f,F+1+2~u+1+2
Solar Kick Sit f,F+1+2~d+3+4
Solar Kick Sword Impale: f,F+1+2~u+2+3
Solar Kick Sword Spin: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1
Solar Kick Sword Spin~Cancel: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1~b,b
Solar Kick Ochimusha Hunter: f,F+1+2~u+2+3,1+2
Solar Kick Sword Slash: f,F+1+2~D/B+1
Solar Kick Moonsault Slayer f,F+1+2~QCF+1
Solar Kick Bad Breath: f,F+1+2~n~D/B+1+2~any (wait a second after SolKick to execute Bad Breath)

Anyway, Bad Breath can be buffered after any Move that leave you in BT.

Something to train:
WS+2, BT 3~D/B+2,2,2, BT d+3+4~2, BT u+1+4~D/B+1+2~3

Good luck! :D

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Juggles! (some standard ones...)

Little hints:
- d/f+3,1 is not that effective anymore, single d/f+3 is better to make a mess.
- f+4,4,4 is stronger than f+3,3
- juggle enders: f+3, u/f+4, f,f+4, f,f+2, f+3+4, d/f+3,(1), f,f+3+4...
- where you can hit with d/f+3, you can also use u/f+4.
- Best ranged JG-enders: f,f+2, f,f+4 and f+4

Standard JG:

d/f+2, d/f+2, b+1,(1),1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (56)
d/f+2, b+1,(1),1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3+4 (60)
d/f+2, b+1, d/b+2, d/b+1, FC,d/f+3 (35, Spinimitsu!)

u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (53)
u/f+3, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, d/f+3,1 (50)

BT u/f+4, b+1,1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3+4 (68 )

FC,d/f+3, WS+4, f+1+2 (34)
FC,d/f+3, d+2, WS+1, f,f+2 (32) (copyright Tenshi)
FC,d/f+3, WS+4, d/f+4 (30) (copyright Dinaga)

3+4, 3+4, BT 3, BT 4 (42)
3+4, 3+4, BT 3, BT d+1, FC,d/f+3 (41)
3+4, 3+4~f, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (53)
3+4, 3+4~f, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1,1, f+3+4 (59 with wall even 67)

u+3+4, f,f+3,3 (49) (f,f is here important)
(*)u+3+4, d/f+2, d/f+1,2, d/b+2, FC,d+3 (55)
(*)u+3+4, d/f+2, f+1, d/f+2, f,f+2 (49)
(*)u+3+4, d/f+2, f+1, f+3 (48 )
(*)u+3+4, d/f+2, d/f+2, f,f+2 (46)

u+1+2~2~D, f+1,b+1,(1),1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (52)
u+1+2~2~2~2~4 (44)

u+1+2~3, d/f+1,2,d/b+2,2,(2),2, d+3 (53)

CH u+1+2~4, f+4,4,4 (60)
CH u+1+2~4, f+3,3 (57)
CH u+1+2~4, f,f+1, b+1,1,1, b+1, f+3+4 (69)
CH u+1+2~4, f,f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (68 )
CH u+1+2~4, f,f+1, b+1,1, b+1,1, f+3 (68 ) lub f+3+4 (69)

CH SS+4, f,f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (63)
CH SS+4, f+4,4,4, (55)
(very similar JG also after CH (2),3...)

CH SS+1, f+1, b+1,1,1, f+3 (58 )
CH SS+1, f+1, b+1,1, d/f+3,1 (55)

SS+2, d/f+1,2, d/b+(2),2,(2),2, d+3 (51)

FC,d/f+1, d/f+1,2, d/b+2,(2),2 (45)
FC,d/f+1, F+3,3 (47)

D/B+1+2~1, u/f+3+4, 1+2~f+3+4 (45)
(medium) D/B+1+2~1, f+3,3 (52)
(far) D/B+1+2~1, f,f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3 (63)

4~3, u+1+4, BT 4 (cool-looking)
4~3, b, 1+4, f+1, f+3 (64)

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I noticed that Yoshi's old, good Roo Kick is NOT only a high-crushing move. It can dodge even a lot of mid moves, mainly the mids in which opponent strikes somewhere above his waist. So e.g. Paul's deathfist, Yoshi's d/f+2, d/f+4 will miss whereas e.g. Yoshi's d/f+1,1 will hit... it also depends on how much priority the move was given by Namco. *irony*

Some more juggles, made yesterday:

4~3, U+4, f+3 (easy-cheesy 61)
4~3, U+4, f,f+1, f+3+4 (65)
4~3, U+4, f,f+1, d/f+1,2 (63)

In the juggle below buffer backdash to have it executed just after Roo Kick:

4~3~b,b, b+1,1, b+1,1,(1),1, b+1, f+3+4 (77)

OK, in the JGs below you have to take a mini-step backwards and hit with flash 1+4 as high as possible

4~3, 1+4, f+1, b+1, f+3 (69)
4~3, 1+4, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, f,f+4 (72)
4~3, 1+4, f+1, b+1,1,(1),1, f+3+4 (80)

Good luck :)

There are NEW MOVES that have been recently discovered, all can be done out of KI Charge:

1.) 1+2+3+4, b,f,u,d+1+4 - Poison Sword Spin, causing Crumple Fall... it wouldn't be so strange if Yoshi didn't spin his sword AND exhale poisonous fumes at the same time!

2.) This works only when facing Bryan. 1+2+3+4, b,f,u,d+3+4 - ...it's The Poison Knee Taunt! Yoshi does a Knee Taunt just the same as Bryan has, but at the same time he exhales stunning poisonous Bad Breath that, if hits, stuns for good (similar stun to the one from Kamikaze). Yup, it means a free f,f+1+4 suicide and a combo for 72 points.

P.S. Maaaaan... Yoshi really, really don't like Bryan, LOL. He taunts him just as good as Bryan does him.

These moves look just great! Haha, I have been recently wondered "dammit, I wish Yoshi had a decent taunt in standing position", and taa daa! Just as I wanted it. :D

Originally posted by Tenshimitsu
u+3+4, f,f+3,3 (49) (f,f is here important)

actually there is no need for the f,f
simply just hold F and input 3,3 early
(make use of the new buffering system)

That "f,f" is neccessary, but not for everyone. try to do this against small characters such as Xiao or Julia...

The new buffering system sometimes tricks the players... it's almost perfect, but has some bugs in it... Very hard to define bugs, but they are there.

You might wanna hear this Tenshi. Recent info has it that in Tekken 5.1 you can now guard during tech-roll. Sure, this might sound bad, but it gives Yoshi quite an advantage, seeing as how FC,d/b+1 is unblockable anyway. Your thoughts on this?

Source: http://www.tekkenzaibatsu.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=81498&perpage=25&pagenumber=1

HEHE :) That's great :) Anyway, my opponents do never ever quickroll or backroll, they just stay there... that's good for them (but if I predict it, they pay...). So it'll be just like in tekken 4. I just would like the quickroll to stay the wide-covering one... the T4 quickroll was very fast. In Tekken 5 Yoshi has much time to approach his opponent... or maybe it's only my imagination?

I have one new jugle: ,d/f+2,d/f+2,d/f+2, 1 ,1 ,ff+4 :D [Nina]

:: Skill project next part: ANTI SS ::

Tracking... I was recently experimenting with this issue, and I came to some interesting facts... I started experimenting after I was arguing with my friend about d/f+2.

The key to make even the linear move track very well is "f" alignment and timing. Inputting "f" just before d/f+2 not only aligns but also causes the move to be executed a little bit later, and so you hit just in time, just after the evading window of sidestep. It's so simple and basic that I even found it quite funny. :) Why didn't I see this earlier... And because I always executed a d/f+2 after a little dash ("f,N"), it hit sidestep very well.

But what about sidestep-walk? Here you can hit it with linear move.... after adding "f,f~~" before them :) Timing is also important. But there are moves that "naturally" hit sidesteppers. The best move here is u/f+4 without any doubt. You can here also use the "f~" beginning, and thus it makes this move hit BOTH sidesteps easily, and sidestep-walk. The angle of hitting ss to Yoshi's right is very funny, looks as if Yoshi hit opponent behing his back :)

Other "natural" ss-hitters
- f,f+2 PERFECTLY catches sidestep to Yoshi's left. Ultimate tool anti Baek's Flamingo step, remember it :) Just too good verus him. If you do f,f,n,2, it tends to catch the other sidestep, due to the different timing. But the delay is too big.
- d+2 low punch greatly catches ss to Yoshi's right.
- d/b+1 catches ss to Yoshi's left
- WS+2 catches ss to Yoshi's right
- d+4 catches BOTH sidesteps. Great tool for nose-to-nose sidesteppers like Nina, spamming with her ss+2.
- f+3 catches sidestep to Yoshi's right (sidestep-walk, too). But it's high, beware.
- DGF 4 catches sidestep to Yoshi's left and with alignment even to his right.
- DGF 3 catches ss to Yoshi's right.
- beware d/f+4, it doesn't naturally catch ss-ers! It catches only due to speed and so you have more chances to hit in the proper timing. But in custom strings, the advantage/disadvantage situations and buffered steps can make your d/f+4 whiff easily.
- f+2 perfectly catches ss to Yoshi's left, but hits high. I like using f+2~D/B+2,2,2 versus this sidestep
- d/b+2,2,2 catches ss to Yoshi's left
- d/f+1 catches ss to Yoshi's left
- b+1 merely catches ss to Yoshi's right, but this move isn't that reliable
- b+1~D/B+3,3,4 is a great anti-any sidestep tool. I recommend it :)

Uff... :) OK, so now little summary:
- linear moves: adding f~ catches single sidestep
- linear moves: adding f,f~ catches sidestep-walk (timing also important)
- ss-catching moves: adding f~ catches everything.

Does f+1+2 or b+1+2 catch sidesteppers?

nope. I think my f+1+2 has been steped to yoshi's left before, and b+1+2 is surprisingly linear.