I'm looking for creative person, a Soul Calibur Yoshimitsu fan, who's willing to spend his/her time on gathering information about him to be published in Soul Calibur section.

Yes, I want to bring back Soul Calibur pages to YOT ^^

What do I need?

1. All paths in Yoshimitsu's SC3 storyline, together with all written in the game story parts and screenshots of a map if possible. Also, if possible, all movies of storyline cutscenes. I want to create a html-formatted tree of Yoshimitsu's Storyline.

2. Various Yoshimitsu Soul Calibur 3 media (movies, endings, artworks, weapon screenshots and his new SC3 quotes saved in WAV or MP3 format, it will be helpful in creating another document of SC translations)

Is there anybody ready for the challenge? :) (and who has a video card? ^^)

Being a fan of the SC Yoshi for a long time, you can count me in for the info and background. ^^
I don't think I can provide much home-made screenshots and movies, though: I still have a pirated version of SC3 (Yes, I'm ashamed of myself), which doesnt work with my capture card..

i have the computer at school alot(everday) i can help you


That would be great!

You can start gathering info and media for me, and as you'll be ready, send it to me via email or just post in this thread that you have something. ^^ Bringing back SC section is essential, the history and roots of Manji Clan are important, don't you think? :)

cheers :)

I'd help you with love Tenshi but I don't have a lot of time nowadays :(
How about sending you my TV tuner? ;)

are you choosing me if so i'm with you and i'm on it


I can try to get you all Yoshimitsu's storyline in SC3 for I have spring break next week and I have not played my SC3 game for a while. I got most of them. May need to practice some with my digtal cam about flimming the movies for you but I can try and I will let you know if something comes up. If you have any questions you can catch me on MSn Messnager or Yahoo Messanger. My Msn Messanger named is manji_phoenix@hotmail.com and my Yahoo Messnager is manji_michiko@yahoo.com.

I like the idea. What happened. Where is everyone.