My SC3 Yoshi movie :)
Enjoy :)

You are cruel:D how could you....[Cerv Party:D]^_^ BTW it is nice to see ,that when roo kick conects during falling after wallhit, it lifts up :D TK's Yosh sucks :/

SC3 Yoshi is worse than T5 Yoshi.
In fact he's got one of the worst wall combos in the game:D

e tam :D

Very nice movie, full of bugs. :) It was awesome to watch, was it difficult to do?

Thanks :)
4 are hard IMO: 1st from SC3 (2b:A after 66A+B is hard, plus this taunt-buffer cancel,'); PG 9 PG K 2A+K,A:A after B+G VC because I was recording it in 50Hz which I'm not used to; 4K (wall) 66A+K~B~G BT B+G VC 66[A+K] - it needs a specific distance and a hella quick 66A+K~B~G; and the last one.

I'm wondering... If I happen to take part at tourneys in Gora Kalwaria, would you give me some seconds and teach this VC bug and f,f+A+K~B~G thing? ^^ I would love it. :)

That was the most hectic vid I've ever seen, loaded with all sorts of bugs!
Very entertaining to watch, cheers. :)

Of course, Tenshi. I'm looking forward to seeing you there :)

Thanks, Koga :)

Di it wasn't Koga ^^ it was Big Chief [bombel nie śpij :D]

Ooops :P

cool movie :)