Odds & Ends

Guuuuys! I'm positive we have many fan-artists among us. I want to see what you have been doodling lately, so I decided to create a topic where we can post our odds and ends (odds and ends = not the best stuff, stuff made quickly and just for fun).

Allow me to start with a fan character: Brianna Fury (Hideous, ain't I? :D)

Brianna's story: (his father's worst rival? Meant to write her.)

This was hilarious project to do. What do you think of it?

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Hahaha, in fact this is hilarious. :) Be careful though! Namco runs out of ideas (and sexy ladies in TK :P) so they can use your ideas in next Tekken :)

You can't say "Brianna Fury" and "sexy" in the same sentence. :D

I thought using this story as a countdown to possible sequel of Rautanyrkki. It won't, however, involve the sixth tournament, because we don't have enough competitors. Excluding that, the story would remain about the same.

Don't get hopes up, though. The sequel is still on the idea-only status. :con

Very creative Koga.

Haha, nice. I guess the "Who must go" crisis from Bryans and Yoshis endings are solved.
- On the other hand - wouldn't it be a repeatence of Eddys transforming into Christie? :D

But, apart from that - i'll look forward to playing you in the upcoming Tekken! :D

playing you
Eeeh Is it just me, or did i make myself sound like a real pervert? :blush

hey decied I better bring this thread back to life I took this from my gallery read it in order to make sense.

835-just a little bit of fun 1.jpg[/pfs]
[pfs]835-just a little bit of fun 2.jpg[/pfs]
[pfs]835-just a little bit of fun 3.jpg

have fun

:dontgetit I don't get it...

I have some doodles in me gallery. clar380's scribles.

here's a simple gudie to getting stuff from your gallery onto your posts.

1) in the space where it allows you to post something new click on My Files.
2) it will bring up all the files that you have on this website.
3) find the file that you want to put in your post.
4) there are 3 options for how you can have people view your file in your post, 1. put the file into the post stright away(this will show the file in it's oringinal size froum.) 2. show the file in a thumbile for members to click on to, if they want to see the file in full size.( very good for very big pictures) 3. URL Link, this allows members to go to view the file stright away( for posts that require more then one file.)
5) once you have decied how you want the file in your post, click on the option icon and you file will be put into your post.
6) hit replay when you have finished your post.
7) your done, just wait to see what people think of your file.

there, hope that clears things up for you clar380

Thanks Fastlegs, but I already knew that, just couldn't be bothered at the time.


nice just added this to my Gallery chracter profile No.3

835-c.i profile bryan.jpg

and the steps on how to put images in your post will be useful for reffence for the new members who want to learn how to their pics up:)

EDIT: I just finished this as my chracter porfile:835-fastlegs christina.jpg

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