Let's collect our theories here about the characters.

I'll start with the one that has bothered me the most: "Why did Bryan betray Yoshimitsu?"

Let's look back into the guy's history;
- A skilled detective with connections to the drug dealers. Killed in Hong Kong drug bust. Betrayed by the drug dealers, perhaps?
- Resurrected by dr. Abel to do his bidding. Betrayed by him shortly.

At least for two time in his life Bryan had been helped out, and both times he had been betrayed. What if he was so afraid of getting betrayed again that he couldn't stand the situation as it was, when he awoke a year afterwards. When Yoshimitsu saved him, it was a lose-lose situation to him, in a way; either he would die or he had to take the chance of getting betrayed. Upon waking and noting he was OK, the memories of betrayal filled his mind and he sort of panicked. He thought, "So far so good - and let's keep it that way, too!"

My theory is, that he was no longer able to trust those who want to help him. Also, I find this quite interesting:
Tekken 4 Storyline: Despite his impending death, Bryan's physical strength did not diminish. On the contrary, Bryan's muscles flowed with energy that made him more powerful than before. Along with this new strength, Bryan developed an almost uncontrollable rage that also manifested itself in his outward physical appearance.
"An almost uncontrollable rage" - from where did he summon the rage? The memories of the betrayals. I think the rage stayed within him the whole year he slept, and as he woke, so did the rage, and it helped in his decision to betray Yoshimitsu - "...before he betrays me!"
How does it sound?

Hum. I never really thought of it that way but it does make sense. For if one lets anger fester inside of one self, it turns to hate and then into rage. Your theory is a good one. Better then what I could have come up with. A very good theory because you backed iy up with points from his story.

Interesting angle you're at. But i don't think it holds the distance. There's too many things who prooves that Bryan is in fact evil and deciving by choice and lust, than else.

As far as i've understood Bryan and his background, he worked as a Cop before the Tekken tournaments became part of his life. But thats not least. He was corrupt. As i remember it Bryan was into some drug business back then, and hence got betrayed and killed.

The only who is to blame for this betrayal of Yoshi is Bryan - Bryan and his mental illness. 'Cause i'm sure that if Bryan is anything, he's a psycopath. All down to his very core.

- And why do i think of him as that?

Well. Since Tekken 4, Bryan has shown to be very violent. You see it in his fighting, laughing while beating up his foe - in some cases even while getting beat up himself.
Bryan is from my interpretation obsessed with a desire of being the strongest - just like Paul, Craig and so on. But in his case - this desire conbined with his mental issue: Being a psycopath.

While Craig Yell's "I'm number one, i'm number one" and Paul yelling somthing similar, Bryan keeps beating up his foe even though they're knocked out.

If you got doubts about this, my theory on Bryan, you can try to compare him with a psycopaths. At least, theres enough similarities for me to diagnose Bryan as a true Psycopath.

So, Bryans action; slaughtering Yoshimitsu's comrades was the action of a careless persons desire of displaying his powers.

- But, please. Proove me wrong, if you can. :)


I cannot prove you wrong, since I'm not working for Namco, heh. 8)

My point was, that aye - Bryan's a psycho, yes, he's the guy that our moms warned us about and he has a "kickass sense of humor", literally. But just alike with Craig and Paul, big words usually have small minds/men behind them (what a poor translation of a proverb!). It is very easy to hide one's fear and insecurity behind loud and psychopatic actions. So, in the end, I suppose Bryan is having hard time to deal with himself, rather than with Yoshimitsu. He can run away from Yoshimitsu, but he can't run away from himself or anything that comes along with himself.

I'd write more, but I've got a class to attend to. See ya later.

Hmm.. Something tells me we're going deeper into the actual minds/thinking than Namco ever has? :dozingoff

But anyways, i'll hold back my actual reply until you've finished your reply. Hehe... Nemlig, ja.

Personally, I think that Bryan haz a screw loose in hiz bionic brain. That would explain alot i think. Yea, sum how use yor mind and mix kogamitsu's theory with a technical malfunction during his reconstrucion and wullah, a more plausible theory to ponder on.

I agree with Clar380 Bryan Lost his Mind:P in some fight....

Koga is a fan fic writer ,...... of course she has put more thought into it than any of the guys at namco .... but that just means we need someone like her at namco making this series even better ... keeping the characters themselves inspite of they're frequent design changes ..

one of these days maybe.....

good point ... but we shall find out in T6 I hope:blush

ok, u guys r the theory ppl, i guess, its the best place to ask.... Do u guys think tht there's even a slight possiblility tht Devil Kajuya might return nd fight Devil Jin??

Maybe I misunderstand, but I think Kazuya won´t let the devil gene take over and just uses its power. In the Tekken 4 ending of him, he´s struggling with himself, as the real Kazuya tries to overpower the devil within him.
Which means those two beings inside of him are rivaling.

But since that ending didn´t take place I think that Kazuya is generally controlling his body as well as the devil powers, like seen in the Tekken 5 prologue. I mean, he flies away as a devil.

So basically, there is a possibility, but I don´t believe in a return of Devil as playable character. Cause I guess Namco wants to show that Kazuya can use the devil´s power without transforming into one, without letting Devil take control, unlike Jin.
Hmm...but Devil Jin claimed in a vid that it wasn´t the Devil that´s controlling him but Jin himself too...kinda irritating. o.O dunno what´s true

But there will be customizations to make him look like Devil for sure.
Although that doesn´t make him laser around ^^"
Who knows, maybe Namco will surpise us and they just keep it a secret. I mean, the characters section on the official site of the PS3/PSP version of Tekken 6 hasn´t been finished yet.
Although it´s probably just lazyness hehehe

OK.. i've never played T2 ..but i heard tht in the end, Heihachi throws Kazuya in a volcano nd so to survive, he sends some of his demon spirit to Jin ... which in return helps to trigger Devil Jin..... maybe thts a reason why tht was the last time Devil Kazuya appears last in T2 ... nd also in T4 when Kazuya returns, he wants Jin so tht he can get back his Demon spirit nd regain his full strength....

I knew that Heihachi threw him into a volcano, but I've never heard of the theory that Kazuya "sent" some of his "demon spirit" to Jin. Plus, it's not mentioned in any of the games, so I'm going to have to say that's false.

Jin became Devil Jin because he has the Devil gene.

And I think Kazuya just wanted to get to Jin to become more powerful because he technically died and was reanimated, remember? I'm sure he lost his Devil powers then.

So what is the Devil gene anyway? Is it a mutation, like, say, Downs syndrome? Or was his grandfather Satan but it just skipped a generation? I wonder which chromosome it's on? Oh hell, I should shut up. This is exactly why I stopped posting so much. Hehe

You properly know you can found alot of fake tekken info, people confusing fan ficions with the storyline and stuff.

I found this rumor on neoseeker at stated that Jun should have been playable in tekken 3

- Jun was considered for Tekken 3 as her portrait, voice and some moves can be found in the arcade version of the game through hacking. They were removed from the home port. (this is taken from

well is could just be edited moves from Jin with T2 voice from in this one.
I tried to compair "her" T3 and her T2 it sound like the same yells but a slightly different voice is don´t know if the video quality ruined it :/

same here expect from tooth fairy Ogre had the move instead of Jin in T3 and the music