Ninjitsu and other Martial arts

I am curious what are you people's perspective on martial arts?

i think martials is amazing. i wish i knew one. its a good way to teach disipline, and it a healthy hobby. a while back on the discovery channel they showed a program on martial art and all the different styles, weapons, and the history of the styles. i was sweet. i must be cool to know a fighting style that has been taught for thousands of years.

I love studying martial arts. I have studied judo for several years now (4th kyu), and I've also become a ninjutsu disciple. Since I live in a small town, I have no chance of getting the usual ninjutsu training, so I self-study instead, and see the sensei at a nearby city occasionally. I've also started to mix up a ryu (=art) of my own. I practice every day.

In this mix-up ryu of mine, I gather a lot of techniques from whatever I see. I've learn few moves from Yoshimitsu, another few from Kunimitsu, one or two from Taki and so forth. Now I've gotten a lot of inspiration from the old Predator-movies (as my avatar can tell) when it comes to different kind of weaponry. I came upon a very neat wrist-blade defence just the other day...

In other words, martial arts are very close to my heart. More than that, I believe that when the art is taken as it should be, it ceases being a hobby - it becomes the way of life.

well put I wish we had something here to study other than Tai Quan Do and Karate, Now don't get me wrong they are both good forms But i want something more Unique. so i plan on moving after collage so i can find a style that i can embrace. As for Now i just use the age old power of mimicing, i mean i study the arts of others and incorperate it in to my routine. so from those who have knowlage i hope to silently learn.

Well, I can say that I like martial arts very much, but only the "pure" martial arts such as Aikido, Karate, Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do etc. I don't like "brawling" ones like Boxing, kick-boxing, wrestling (wrestling isn't a martial art anyway, it's acting) and others similar to these.

Martial arts are very interesting to watch and I admire good martial artists, while I despise today's people who think the muscles are all that's important.

There was a post a while ago on the net saying that hapkido is better than ninjitsu, I would disagree. From studying Ninjitsu, I realize that the moves are kept simple and basic while in hapkido they teach like a thousand techniques. Ninjitsu teaches only practical and deadly ones

I like Capoeira :) it looks avesome! but Valetudo is a killing style of fighting (damn it, is so brutal) I like play Hwo , so I like Taekwondo also , but I don't practise anything.

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Does anybody other than tenshi study Manji Style. i mean either the sword or the fighting base [or just the ideals that he belieaves] well i have adopted some easier moves that i am good at mimicing and can Phisicaly do ( cant do the death chopper my hand wont rotate ) but considering i have learned from this style and want to know who else practices the Manji ways?

I do practice the Manji ryu! The easier parts too, though, but the basic training I get from ninjutsu helps a lot when theorizing the Manji ryu. Sometimes, when I've gotten a proper warm-up, I like to theorize the harder moves too. I'm working on Shark Attack Blow, but I have problems with the last kangaroo kick, because I don't seem to be powerful enough to stop my speed for it.

For real, shark attack? Sweet! That must be incredibly difficult! Commendable. There are a few lame chains around my house(learn x-treme karate NOW!!) but nothing traditional.Damn it...

Well, I'm interested in judo, just like Kogamitsu(she asked me there).
And just like Fethry Duck I took a weekend course on capoeiro, it was fun, but it lasted so little time.

i do the martial arts, Anshin Ryu Karate and Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu iaido, in august i just passsed my Shodan level i have reached 7th kyu in karate, any questions??

Ooo..I like dis topic.
I've did alot of resear on martial arts...all types including wrestling(if u wanna call dat a matrial art- but it is an art)
There is nothin wrong with Karate...modern karate(unlike tradiontal karate) is a mix of other styles.
Tae-Kwon-Do iz sooooo cool...but not for me entirely.
Jutkundo(did I spell that right-Bruce Lee's art) is off the is Akido.
But the most deadly art form known to man is Jujitsu...Jujitsu is an advanced form of Judo.
It's where Judo came from. The samurais started Jujitsu &, likr Judo, it's an art which specializes in bring ur opp. harm with little or no ease, using his mistakes & his own strenght & momentum to move, toss, injure him.
Now, there's wrestling, a very dedicated sport.
The fittest people in the world aren't gymnist...They're wrestlers.
It's very hard, time consuming thing to learn.
& Im talkin about modern wrestling(although tradition wrestling is still very demanding on the body)
If I had to choose one fighting style it would be Jujitsu.
But I've got a ryu(art) of my own. It's a mixture of Judo, Akido, wrestling & modern Karate.

I practise the martial art of Tae Kwon Do. It's very interesting and it keeps you fit and it's loads of fun. I reccommend taking up a martial art if you don't already practise one, because it does a lot for you.

Hapkido isn't that complicated as long as you learn it alongside Ba Gua.