Official Kunimitsu vs. Yoshimitsu poll

There is an interesting poll going on on Tekken's Instagram account. The result so far shows Yoshimitsu with a slight advantage.

Is it character popularty or who win in a fight? I'm kinda confused :-o Either way i'm just glad Kuni seems to be well liked now, and that people are responding posstive to her redesign. 

Yoshi will be my guy no matter what he looks like, and how people perceive him. Good find!

I think it is just a popularity contest; a 'vote your favourite' of some sorts. It is something they've been doing for some time.

Indeed; it is nice to see Kunimitsu getting some recognition. I hear she is fun to play in T7.

Oh i see, i'm just a bit of touch lol.. Yoshi gets my vote for sure then ;)  Thanks for pointing that out. You know the rumors are true, kuni is  really mega fun. I've actually posted a little kuni "ad" as well in the general community chat topic here =0

Is this poll still ongoing? 

No, it was an Instagram story, which means it is up only for 24 hours. When I last checked, Yoshi was still leading.

There is a similar Twitter thread though here:

Yoshimitsu-sensei all the way!