Tekken match "fan mail"

Well i've thought about making a "hatemail" thread for awhile now. But much to my surprise, the overall experinence and match responses were of a encourgaing nature. That's pretty damn cool. Even though I remember some strait out funny responses and salt, they where only a case of "loud minority"

I don't support harrashment in anyway, so just the delete the thread if it's unapproprite. I just felt it could be a funny topic to share, because I do genuniely enjoy getting fanmail ;) and that you guys might have encountered some gems aswell XD 

Remember to censor the names of the people, no need to be rude. 


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Wow, some people tho! :O You handle them pretty well however. I wouldn't be able to play online with strangers, one I'm not good at Tekken, and two, I have social anxiety and would be too nervous to do so, but I admire that you do so. :)

I just totally ignore hatemail when I receive them. It's less stress and effort to reply to. Weirdly enough, I haven't received hatemail in a while and I have gotten a bunch of love letters instead.

I don't take hatemail seroius, it's quite fun to me actually. For reals, some of it cracks me up, it's just so stupid and worthless to do.
It's a game lol. 

I just don't give af, if random online is rude to me I guess. But I can understand why avoding it all together might be healthy, in the long run if it's like twitch chat streaming levels of bs, we are dealing with. The majorty of people are nice, supportive and even geuniely cool but, I thought that I'd share my Ps4 throphies for fun ;) 

Oh and btw Nice seeing you Grey, are you on discord? if so feel free to add me. I'll send you a pm in your inbox here.