Christmas are coming :)

Merry Christmas everybody!
Vrolijk Kerstfeest!
Froliche Weihnachten!

Merry Christmas to Everyone

O and Happy New Year

Yes it was it:D but on the web pages there are no Polish letters, with Polish it lokks: Wesołych Świąt :D and soundsTHE SOUND :D [this file is not a rar , change the extension to .wav

So, what do you think about the new theme? ;)

Tenshimitsu : So, what do you think about the new theme? ;)
Gets into the TOP3 of best x-mas presents! :D
(Okay, first one was a TV, the second was a new judogi... :blush)

It's beautiful. And it works! Tenshi leaves other stylists into her shadow. :)

I'm glad you like it. :) Anyway, I hurried much during the process... I ask you to report any bugs you encounter... maybe except "Links" bug, I'm trying to solve it (but it looks like it's the fault of recent engine update??)

That is what I meant as I was talking about "Resurrection" theme :d

It looks neat! Its a semi total make-over of the Demon Gate theme. I like the Control Panel Button.

P.S I found a small typo... when you leave your cursor on the Control Panel Button, it says "Your Coontrol Panel".

Yup, I saw it. I also noticed many other little thingies, I think they'll be corrected tonight.

I like the new theme, but the new control panel thing really grabbed my attention. :)

I' steel using Hells Gate, New skin has nice letters :D

Hey, the new theme is great and I also had a good Christmas but I am not getting into all the details what I got and great job on the theme Tenshi and I agree with Chief about what he said.

Small re-design of the new theme... too much transparency made some articles... disappear. LOL. Now everything should be all right. :) cheers. :)

Kay. Well, those things can happen at times

Final adjustments to the theme are done. :)
Probably you noticed slightly different links colours and faster load of Home page? Your computers won't be that overloaded as before. :D

To do: Soul Calibur sections;
Site FAQ page.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! WOOOO!!! WHO WANTS TO COUNT DOWN THE NEW YEAR?!! what's that it's already over?? Oh man, i was supposed to get a memo this time... AGAIN!