Man of Manjikai forgets his manners: Hi! I'm Andy, and I've been a Member since July 2016! :D

Hi Manjikai,

So I was browsing here and was somewhat embarrassed to discover that I, a Member of Manjikai since 21st July 2016, never properly introduced myself in the Introductions section of these Forums?! Let's change this...

Hello, I’m Andy!

I found Manjikai while watching Final Round 19 take place (via it’s livestream) – the very same event where Pokchop of “No Round Brown” fame was playing against RealLaw. Not only was this my first good look at Tekken 7, this was the moment that I found and joined one of the coolest communities I’ve ever come across. I am proud to be a Manjikai Member, and I hope to be much more active here in the years that follow compared to the years gone by.

As this is the part of the Forums where you can talk about yourself, I’d like to give you a bit of my background, social links and gaming ID’s since I’d be glad to friend and play any fellow Manjikai Member – especially at Tekken (which I have on all platforms).

I am a wheelchair user with Cerebral Palsy from the United Kingdom. I write & record my own music at home and I’ve been playing Tekken since 1998. I started with Tekken 2, but have since played and owned every version. I also have gained every Trophy/Achievement for both Tekken 6 & 7. As of 2020, I have started streaming on Twitch and have a commitment to stream Tekken every single Saturday at Noon (UK Time), though I will do extra streams of Tekken wherever possible too! My hope not only to get better at playing the game over time, but also to connect and play Tekken with as many fellow Tekken fans as possible – including of course, the people who also call Manjikai home as well as the greater fighting game community which I love so much.

Please feel free to reach me here or at any of the links below. You’re also welcome to add me on any or all of the platforms I list below. Simply let me know that you’re from Manjikai and I will gladly accept you.
Thanks for reading!

Kindest Regards,


My Twitter: (perhaps the best way to keep up with my goings on and to reach me in general).
My Twitch Channel: (I stream Tekken every Saturday & you are ALL welcome).
You can listen to my music on my SoundCloud at:
My YouTube Channel: (this is mostly just a full of moments when I’ve been playing games and ‘something cool’ happened, but I do want to use this to focus on my Music more as well).

Steam (portessa) Friend Code: 23449107
PlayStation Network: portessa
Xbox Live: Portessa
Nintendo Switch Friend Code: SW-3746-3758-0295
Google Stadia: portessa#9740
Discord: portessa#8875
Blizzard portessa#2209
Epic Games: portessa
GOG Galaxy: portessa
EA Origin: portessa portessa
Ubisoft Uplay: aportess