Origin Stories: So how did you get into Tekken (& when)? :)

Hi Manjikai,

My recent return to regularly playing Tekken again has been incredibly rewarding and fun. So much so in fact, it's made me wonder when or why I ever stopped. Frankly though, that's a much less interesting discussion than what I hope this one will be: What drew you into playing Tekken in the first place and when did it happen?

The exact timing for me is a little fuzzy, but I distinctly remember being under the age mentioned on the back of the box of Tekken 2 when I played it for the very first time. Someone who worked at my junior school as a Teacher's Assistant was seriously one of the coolest people on the planet - she had a PlayStation and would talk about it and the games she'd play. Once my parents got me a PlayStation of my own in the summer of 1998, this TA would lend me games to play after school to take home and on one fateful day, that game was Tekken 2.

From that awesome intro movie, to great menu sound effects, then Yoshimitsu's iconic theme music (he was my first opponent the Arcade Mode pitted me against) I was in awe... I'd picked Law and didn't have the slightest idea what I was doing (something that hasn't really changed for me 21 years later)! Hearing the words"You Win" became something of an obsession and felt indescribably satisfying... That is, until I didn't. Kazuya Mishima or "the man with electric fists" was my nemesis for what felt like hours. I'll never forget pressing X to continue and then being mortified that it didn't work and the countdown was getting faster with every press. Yes folks, my first Game Over was entirely self-inflicted. Getting back to Kazuya was simple enough... but beating him was anything but. Little did I know, there was another side to him... Devil.

I'll be honest, I never beat him the first night of playing. Instead, I ejected the disc after a number of attempts, put it back in the case, the case in my schoolbag and I returned the game to the TA who lent it to me the very next day. "You didn't like it?" she asked. To which I replied: "No, this is yours and after school today I'm buying my own copy, thanks for letting me borrow it - the game is AWESOME!". I played Tekken 2 most days after school right up until the release of Tekken 3. There were many notable moments in this period of time. I did finally beat Devil then tried to sing along to the beautiful Credits song even though I don't understand a word of Japanise! And of course, who could forget the speed and craziness of Baek Doo San's kicks - he was who you unlocked in Tekken 2 after beating Arcade Mode with Law and those two were my Tag team in both Tekken Tag 1 & 2.

I have remained a passionate Tekken fan ever since: owning every game, unlocking every character ending movie across all games, getting every achievement/trophy in Tekken 6 & 7. These days, I try to make time to play Tekken 7 every day with hopes to learn, improve and connect with others who also love to play.

I hope you've enjoyed reading what is my origin story into Tekken and am excited to read any that you might like to share. Suffice to say Tekken has had such a massive impact on my life throughout it and I look forward to making it an even bigger part of my life in the future.

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I've could have sworen that this thread had been made before, since i've have spoken with multiable members about this topic, but i couldn't find it on the site. So here my story..

My first tekken memory was back in tekken 3, when I was like 5 or 6 years old. I remember picking King all the time, because at that time anything with big cats, was cool and exciting (well that's not changed that much though..) I've picked Kings alternate costume all the time with Armor King mask, something i've discovered much later.  My dumb brain was scared of anything back then, sounds and people you name it, but for some strange reason or brain farts, i've picked King and later on Yoshimitsu... I can't remember why or when, I started to play Yoshimitsu though. 

I played TTT and feel in love with the game. It had characters from Tekken 2 like Kunimitsu and Kazuya, and it seem like the coolest game ever and the fact you use 2 characters was so cool to me. I've loved playing with Armor King and Yoshimitsu,(i've even played the same team in ttt2)  I remember how awesome Armor king seemed with this ending in that game, where he man handled king, and tanked kings punches coolest shit ever back then XD (it's still bs that ak lost to Marduk!)  

I've played tekken on and off through mulitable points of my life, sometimes with the bad kids at school which i hung out with sometimes, or nerdy types like myself but, it became my thing to be good at it, among my friend circle(s) 
I love the characters and i remember how much time i've decicated to get the endings both at home and at friends, over and over and get the characters unlucked. Because they need to play Devil, Devil Jin or True Ogre 

I've googled many tekken sites over the years, like tekken zaibatsu, and other fans sites as well. I was very much drawn to the characters and not just the game, i've read fanfictions (many from this site btw) and looked at fanart. Tekken 4's intro with Kazuya comeback is still the hypest shit ever! and the tekken force mode in that game was mega cool and has my favorite yoshimitsu costume the alternate Oni mitsu, no bugs here ;) 

It's still entertaining watch the movesets and animations, seroiusly tekkens throws are a work of art, and Yoshimitsu has the coolest moves and craziest throws (shame about the clone throw rip.) 

My brothers and I got into Tekken thanks to Yoshimitsu, as we were already playing Soul Calibur. Twas Tekken 5 in 2008 as the first game for us. I found this site a year later, around when I started writing Yoshimitsu fanfics. :3